Saturday, July 13, 2024

Euro MP says Coryton workers have the “right to know” why secret negotiations failed

THURROCK oil workers made redundant after their company went bankrupt, deserve the right to know why secret negotiations to secure a new buyer failed, according to the Essex Euro MP who helped lead the campaign to try to save the Coryton oil refinery.

Richard Howitt MEP will tell a public meeting of the refinery’s workers, their families and supporters tonight (Wednesday 11 July) that the Government must agree to a call issued today from the Unite trade union to hold a public inquiry about failure to save the plant.

Labour’s Richard Howitt MEP will say Coryton could have been saved for less than the £100million cost to the public purse that it has been estimated the closure will now cause.

Richard Howitt MEP will say:
“All along the government said ‘leave it to the administrators’ and refused to get directly involved in the way governments from the four other European countries affected did to save their refineries.

“The administrators themselves confirmed in private more than once that state aid would have enabled a deal with one of at least three bidders, and the full story must now be told in public and on-the-record.

“If either the government or the administrators acted in bad faith it is only right that they are held to account.

“While they are sitting secure in their jobs it is time to get the full answers as to why those who are losing their jobs have been so badly let down.”


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