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Community Councils: Labour no “faith” in councils having budgets

A VOICE with no teeth” is how Tory leader, cllr Phil Anderson described Labour’s decision to not grant community councils any budgetary powers.

The opposition leaders comments came during a cabinet meeting where portfolio holder, cllr Lynn Worrall outlined the plans to establish “multi-ward community councils”.

Cllr Worrall said: “The community council will enable residents to come together around common issues of concern and this will help to develop community-led solutions to key issues.”

But the Tilbury councillor poured cold water on any suggestions that they would have power to distribute funds.

Cllr Worrall said: “We don’t think that this is necessary. We would not want to see a lot of mini-Thurrock Councils springing up.”


  1. One of the first things the Conservatives did when they gained control of Thurrock Council in 2004 was to scrap the pointless Area Assemblies that were all chaired by Labour Councillors who got a nice fat tax payer funded allowance for overseeing a handful of meetings a year.

    These Community Councils would appear to be Labour resurrecting the dead and buried Area Assemblies.

    If Cllr Anderson wants local councils with budgetary powers then campaign via local referendums to introduce parish and town council across the borough rather than the pointless Community Council’s – that way they will be independant of Thurrock Council and have tax raising and budgetary powers.

  2. Fantastic post Ed. Parish and town councils are far more effective and are independent from the local authority. They are also a better way to gathering the community and letting people know what is going on in their town/village.

    For example you could have parish councils for our villages
    Linford&East/West Tilbury
    Horndon/Orsett/Bulphan/Orsett Heath
    North Stifford

    Town Councils for:
    Chafford Hundred
    West Thurrock & South Stifford
    Stanford & Corringham
    Little Thurrock

    Electors in each part of Thurrock could decide if they want them introduced

  3. I agree, Parish/Town councils are a good idea, things such as forums, area assemblies and coummunity councils have no power at all (as well as no money!). And the best thing is the Councillors don’t get paid!


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