Saturday, April 1, 2023

Mould campaign gather no moss…..

YT asked mould campaigner and Belhus resident, Deirdre Lodge to keep us up to date on her campaign.

At the full council meeting at Thurrock Council last week Awareness Campaigner on mould / Aspergillus, Deirdre Lodge asked Val Morris cook to take up the offer of the ISSE/ Institute of Specialist Surveyors and Engineers to work with them to Educate Thurrock Council on Housing stock infested with mould.

John Housden and William Kidd Director and chair of the ISSE have been working with me to educate residents through the Awareness Campaign on Mould/Aspergillus and we work closely with Dr Graham Atherton from the National Aspergillus Centre in Manchester and the Fungal research trust.

Mrs Lodge said: “I feel Thurrock Council should be very grateful to have such experienced professionals offering their services for free, this goes to show how serious this problem is in Thurrock Homes.

“Residents are completely unaware that mould/aspergillus is fatal.

“At the moment it is early days for Thurrock Council to take on board or even understand the enormity of this problem, although I am grateful that a pilot scheme has been set up, what about the aftermath of the health of residents who have lived with mould for many years, my greatest concern is for these residents.

I think we will be seeing way too many residents coming forward as time goes on suffering the effects of mould in one way or another.

In Thurrock we have too many children suffering from Asthma and some GP Surgeries in the area are not asking why, well the facts are, most live with mould. I think parents and GP’s need to get to grips with this; they could well be saving the childs life.

I have heard many stories from residents regarding their GP not recognising mould as a category 1 Hazard and have no clue as to what blood test needs to be done, they are putting their patients lives at risk and dragging their heels, NOT Good Enough, they have a duty of care to their patients as does all Authorities before a Thurrock resident dies from this terrible disease

I am thinking of setting up a charity to fund blood tests and skin pricks for residents who are having problems with their GP, as an Artist I hope to sell my paintings for the charity as getting diagnosed early is of greatest importance, I have some wonderful and dedicated volunteers who are now on board and we are in discussion about starting up a support group for our residents in Ockendon, Belhus and Aveley as soon as possible so they do not feel so isolated.

Our main base will be in Belhus kindly supported by Howard Tenens, the ISSE, Dr Graham Atherton PHD of the National Aspergillus Centre and the National Fungal research trust and of course our very own MP Jackie Doyle Price.

“We will be looking for sufferers and non sufferers in Grays, Tilbury, Purfleet and Corringham who are willing to give some of their time to start up their own support group in their own area, even if it’s in their own home. We will support you with expert advice and information and can even give talks about living with mould and prevention.

I hope our group will be one of many in Thurrock and in time will go National.

Aspergillus /Mould kills let’s not forget that.

If anyone is interested in starting their own group please contact me or 01708401865

Awareness Campaigner

Deirdre Lodge


  1. Well done Deirdre Lodge for bringing this deadly hazard to the residents notice, it takes time for the TBC to stir itself into action, but they have got to realise, that Aspergillus/Mould kills, I know of one poor man who’s home as got mould in every room, and they are just getting round to helping him after, yearas fo asking for help, thanks to you and your support team, he might now be able to live a normal life without the black mould in every room.
    I wish you and your support team every success for the future, and if I can help you I will, as will my wife.
    God bless you.


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