Saturday, July 20, 2024

Thurrock’s rural roads face 40mph speed limit

New guidance unveiled yesterday by the Department for Transport will make it easier for local authorities such as Thurrock to introduce the limit on the quietest roads

The vast majority of rural roads are currently governed by a 60mph limit. But under this move motorists could face fines if they drive over 40mph.

Many of Thurrock rural roads such as those around Bulphan, Orsett, East Tilbury and Corringham have 60mph speed limits.

Rural roads present the highest risk to motorists and their passengers, accounting for 68 per cent of fatalities in 2010.

“The guidance issued for consultation today does not propose a blanket change to rural road speed limits,” said Mike Penning, the road safety minister.

“40mph limits should be considered for sections of rural roads where there are many bends, junctions or accesses and speeds are already at 40mph or below.”


  1. What’s the point of putting the speed limit in only where speeds are already at 40mph or lower anyway?!!!

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