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Hassenbrook Academy head angry at Ofsted report

THE PRINCIPAL OF Hassenbrook Academy, Richard Glasby has written to Ofsted to complain about a number of aspects of their recent inspection.

The inspectors graded the Stanford-le-Hope school as “Satisfactory” which may mean they will be inspected again in the not too-distant future.

YT spoke to Mr Glasby and asked him to go into detail as to the nature of the complaint.

Mr Glasby is not the first head to complain and YT understands that recently, complaints have rocketed.

A change in assessment has seen many schools “downgraded”.


  1. Oh dear, the bitter taste of sour grapes!

    So who you gonna call, now you’re an Academy…and have opted out of all the expert advice and support the LA could provide!

    Ask yourself, looking at the true definition of the grades, is Hassenbrook really a ‘Good’ school?

    Or if you were totally honest, isn’t it just a ‘Satisfactory’/’Requiring Improvement’ school in downtown Stanford-le-Hope?

  2. E.C.M, expert advise from TBC you sure?

    I’m more in favor of an Academy being part of a bigger support model, not being on their own where the expertise if it goes wrong is not at hand.

  3. Oh yes RobF4, I’m sure!

    The Ockendon, Convent, Gable Hall and William Edwards, all became ‘Outstanding’ schools whilst under TBCs jurisdiction!

    Chafford Hundred, St. Cleres and even Hassenbrook made massive improvement whilst supported by the LA!

  4. I recall the press articles very well

    I know for a fact chafford hundred got there on their own, it was years of hardwork by the head, smt, teachers and students. I can not speak for any of the other schools.

  5. I think Richard Glasby is completely justified in complaining about this and I wish him every success. If you read down the report it sounds very good but the overall judgements don’t match. If children come in below average and go out even at satisfactory that should be good achievement overall. As an inspector himself he would know better than to make a complaint if it wasn’t grounded and if we call sour grapes on every Ofsted complaint we’ll never get justice. I understand this won’t be the first complaint against this particular inspector – check out .

    There is even more inconsistency when you look at the Ofsted grades for other schools against their results. The Gateway got a more favourable outcome with only 34% of students getting 5 A-Cs in real GCSEs with Maths and English against Hassenbrook’s 54% (2011 results from BBC News website). This was the national average but their three year average was even better at 59% and sounds like better still this year. Perhaps Ofsted were including the vocational qualifications popular with with other schools but while BTec in nail care may have its uses it is NOT equivalent to 2 GCSEs. We have sent a lot of pupils to Hassenbrook over the years and they have done very well.

  6. I think the whole purpose of OFSTED needs to be re-evaluated along with the pathetic league tables that we presently have in schools, Education in this country is on the decline, Government targets have hampered the teaching in schools to such a degree that many schools are now only teaching what is required to pass the tests rather than an overall education.

    GCSE & A level pass rates have been steadily growing based on the fact that only the core aspects of what is required on the paper are taught which makes a mockery of the results.

    Having seen first hand young people who have gained x number of GCSE or A levels trying to gain employment, their overall grasp of the basics in English, Maths and general analytic thought is quite worrying.

    We need to spend less time on focusing on league tables and made up exam results and get back to the basics of teaching.

  7. Just bring some fun and frivolity back into schools! After all, aren’t they meant to be the happiest days of your life! No wonder you can’t get quality teachers for love nor money! Alas the pressure, targets and red-tape no longer make the profession an attractive vocation, but just a job!

    Focus on teaching social skills, which the million plus NEETs are deficient of according to research and the main reason young adults ultimately cannot gain employment!

    No wonder last summer’s riots took place! Disaffected youths who are not successful learners, confident individuals or responsible citizens…but invariably ‘qualified’ gits possessing dumbed down exams in meaningless subjects!

  8. Any inspector who gives a good school like Hassenbrook a worse grade than the two Ormiston schools in the borough needs to go back to school himself. I’ve got friends with kids at all three schools and I know which one I would choose. At least you don’t get bullied and all your gear nicked at Hassenbrook and you stand a better chance of coming out with some qualifications too. Where do they find these people?


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