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Mr Perrin’s Blog: In praise of “Do-gooders.”

A Word in Your Ear from Mr Perrin

In praise of “do-gooders”

“Do-gooders” are sometimes scoffed at or perceived as interfering busy-bodies. There are some “do-gooders” who do what they do simply because they believe it is the right thing to do and there are other “do-gooders” who are motivated by personal gain.

Mrs Deirdre Lodge with her “Awareness” campaign regarding the presence of Toxic Black Mould in Council rented housing is a shining example of a “do-gooder” who falls into the first category i.e. she is motivated by concern for the health and safety of others and despite her own terminal illness, ironically from the effects of Toxic Black Mould, decided to do something about it.

Over the past 12 months she has given most of her time to her campaign and has, until recently, had to contend with opposition and indifference from Thurrock Council, Council Officers and her own Belhus Ward Councillors all of whom are now falling over each other to be associated with her campaign.

What a pity that Councillors, particularly the Belhus Ward Councillors, made no effort to follow up a question from a member of the public which was asked of Cllr John Kent at a meeting of the Full Council held on 22nd June, 2011 and by Mrs Lodge on 1st December, 2011*. Cllrs Charles and Wendy Curtis expressed tacit support to Mrs Lodge whilst at the same time downgrading toxic black mould to a category 4 hazard i.e. “non-risk to life” despite a written statement by the Secretary-of-State for Communities and Local Government that “damp and mould growth is a category 1 hazard i.e. a risk to life”, thereby implying that the Minister and Mrs Lodge are “scaremongering”.

As to Cllr Sue Gray she has shown no interest or concern regarding this issue, either in her role as a Councillor or as Chairperson of the South Ockendon Residents Association [SORA}, along with Cllr Aaron Kiely she chose not to return a pledge of support for Mrs Lodge’s “Awareness Campaign” despite being supplied with a stamp addressed envelope so that it would not incur any expense to her.

Deirdre, I am proud to have been a member of your team. Thank God for “do-gooders”, like you, who selflessly devote themselves to doing good?

The questions and replies given can be read on the Council’s web page. Google “Thurrock Council” and follow the links to Council meetings [Full Council].


  1. Thank you Peter for your kind words and your concern regarding Cllr Sue Gray.
    I too find it amazing that this women who is on the Health and well being Commitee and also chair of SORA is and was unwilling to take my campaign on board, At the last SORA meeting I attended I was made to feel very unwelcome by her? She did not appreciate me discussing my mould campaign and I was told that I should have given her two weeks notice prior, so she could decide if it was an approriate subject for her SORA meeting. Is this women barking mad or absolutly senseless, she has hundreds of residents with health problems from living with mould in her patch and yet she could not care less, her main priority is dogs on leashes. She did look unsure of her role at the Forum meeting just recently and although she totally ignored me I had to smile, the onus was on me to drive this awareness forward and to shame her and Thurrock Council into action. What a glorious day it was for me to see her tumble from that perch she had made for herself and being made to do some work for her residents at last, I am sure she will rue the day when residents start to take TBC to court for negligence, beware Cllr Gray your name is at the top of that list.

  2. Just saying but if mrs lodge breathing is that bad perhaps she and her husband should give up smoking

  3. Is that the best you could do didi96 what a stupid and cheap remark to make, did you read the above comment from Mr.P.Perrin and the remarks from SnakebiteUK, I often wonder where people like you come from, I was always told when I was young, IF YOU HAVENT ANYTHING WORTH SAYING THEN BE QUIET, obviously you was’nt told that by your parents, if somebody does take TBC to court for criminal negligence, then all three Belhus councilors will tumble because they have all, had there sticky fingers in the honey pot, Cllrs.C.Curtis & Mrs.W.Curtis sent out an official letter, stating that they had down graded the Governments hazard warning about Black Mould from Category 1 Hazard ie, danger to life to category4 non hazard to life, and Sue Gray who is Health and well being committee also dismissed it as just somebody causing trouble, also having the nerve to try to stop Mrs.D.Lodge from informing the other people present about her Black Mould awareness campaign, I suppose she wanted to discuss flower arranging or dogs not being on there leads, nothing new there then.
    So grow up didi96 and find some where else, to sprout your childish stupidity.


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