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Picnic “house-warming” for new Ormiston students

YEAR 7 is a very special year for children, and so Ormiston Park Academy decided to hold a ‘house warming picnic’ this week for the soon-to-be Year 7 students 2 months before they join.

The picnic intends to mark the move from a relatively small school, such as Aveley Primary School (where the majority of the children came from) to a much larger one. Their new environment is quite different from their earlier one but there is one thing their old and new school have in common… both support their personal development, enjoyment and success in learning.

Ormiston Park Academy plans to show how they will make their first year an enjoyable and positive experience and how they will go about preparing them for the years ahead as they ‘go on’ to achieve more and more success.

A range of transition activities amongst the picnic will be set up that will involve a range of experiences that will help them to accept the transition better.
Other further familiarisation activities will take place where Ormiston Park Academy’s current students will share information about ‘life at Ormiston Park Academy.’

As a response to the ever-increasing number of enquiries from parents of pupils in Year 6 to find out more about life at Ormiston Park Academy and the new building set for 2012, this picnic seemed an obvious choice for the staff to host, as they want to ensure their new pupils feel comfortable in their new setting, as it is certainly going to be a large one.


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