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Community meeting planned over Tilbury lorry park

THE THURROCK FIRST organisation will be holding a public meeting regarding their concerns over developments in Tilbury.

The meeting is at 12pm on Sunday August 12th at Tyrells Hall in Little Thurrock

A spokesperson for the concerned residents group said:

“Tilbury Dock’s new development on the marshes at the side of the A1089 near ASDA is due to begin later this year. First will be the truck park and the promised ‘Tilbury Park’.

“They say that they will go to public consultation “where more detailed consent is sought. The warehousing will continue for three to four years after. This probably means that the truck park will come soon and the warehousing etc. may not materialise for years as the timetable “is subject to revision from time to time”

“On June 12 the World Health Organisation held a press conference and announced “Diesel exhaust is carcinogenic”

“The International Agency for Research on Cancer working group stated: “diesel engine exhaust causes lung cancer in humans”

Tilbury Dock is planning to construct a truck park metres from Thurrock Park, Tilbury and the Gateway Academy playing fields and not too far from Chadwell St Mary or Little Thurrock 568 trucks on 24 hour operation. So the exhaust goes whichever way the wind blows .

We have a choice but it needs us all to join together. We need the council to look again at their decision in light of this research finding and also re think their policy on diesel fumes and people.

We will invite your councillors but if enough of us join together we can make a difference

We need to make plans and show we are one voice Hear what has been achieved on Thurrock Park and what can be achieved if we all join forces If you can’t come send a message of support to


  1. I agree with the principles behind this campaign but you would have thought that if the development is in Tilbury the organisers of this meeting would have made the effort to find a venue in Tilbury to hold the meeting. Not on top of Thurrock Park where , may i suggest, most if not all of the organisers of this campaign probably live???

  2. A meeting to stop a lorry park that has already been given planning permission?

    Or nothing more than a meeting to promote a future local election candidate?

  3. Shouldn’t we find out from the Port management what their plans are first so that we can decide upon a strategy for influencing progress?
    Is there an agenda for this meeting or is it a shouting match to frighten and wind up us residents?

  4. At the moment the only access to this site is via Dunlop road . is there any plans to make a more sensible entrance to the site?
    Protestants should also note that it would seem that when any development in Tilbury , is proposed T B C only pay lip service to any protests,then do what they like. what sort of hue and cry there would be if this project was planned for Orsett.
    also many years ago, when other ideas for this site was put forward,the council indicated that they wanted an open and green area between towns in it’s area.
    If diesel fumes, as proved, are carcinogenic surly T B C’s with the publics well being in mind, have no course of action other than to withdraw their permission!!!

  5. This expansion of the docks has been in the pipeline for years, I am surprised that people seem not to be aware of it. Tilbury Docks is in a fight for survival at the moment, the new super port being built just up the road could, potentially, take a lot of valuable work away. Therefore, the owners of the Port have to upgrade it and its facilities so that it can remain a viable prospect for the future. The lorry park and warehousing is very much needed if Tilbury is to compete and the marshland is, after all, Port property.

    On a related point, anybody who wants to object to the expansion on the basis of carcinogenic diesel fumes better make sure they don’t drive a diesel car!

  6. The Superport is actually giving a boost to Tilbury as larger ships that unload there will have some of their cargo transported to Tilbury so smaller ships will transport the containers to ports across the UK and the rest of the EU.

  7. …and as for cacinogenic fumes – perhaps they should do some research on the fumes belched out by the ships in the port. That is something they should all be worrying about.

  8. Ed, you are totally wrong about the superport boosting Tilbury. I work in the freight industry and your scenario of containers being moved to Tilbury for onward transportation is a bit of a fantasy. They will come into the new port and be distributed throughout the UK from there, there will be no need to come to Tilbury. The new port will have better rail links and better road links and the warehousing that’s being built there will outclass Tilbury. That is why Tilbury is rushing to play catch up and that is why they need the new development on the marsh.

  9. grays64 – could explain why DP World has just sold its 34% share of Tilbury Container Services Ltd. I seem to recall being told they had invested in Tilbury to show they would be using Tilbury to send freight across the UK and EU.

    As far as I was aware Tilbury was going to be used as a transhipment hub. The larger ships would be unloaded at the Superport some of the freight would be moved to Tilbury by rail or road for transhipment to other UK and EU ports.

    However I note the DP World website shows that they are offering barges to take containers up the Thames and accross the Estuary to the Medway and short-sea and coastal feeder vessels to UK and EU ports.

    Time will only tell if Tilbury survives and prospers from its bigger neighbour or withers and dies.

    Back to the original story – Mr Eric Pickles MP the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has already approved the northern expansion of Tilbury Port. Work is starting this year. If the ‘Thurrock First’ group claim that residents can fight and stop it happening they are being disingenuous. Thurrock Council can’t ‘re-look’ or ‘re-think’ these plans as they have already been given the go ahead by Eric Pickles.

    The only route residents have is via a Judicial Review of the original decision. Will ‘Thurrock First’ explain this to those residents turning up at their meeting or will they claim petitions and protests will stop this development happening?

    And if they go the route of a Judicial Review do their supporters have deep pockets to pay for it?

    As I said in my earlier post this meeting probably has nothing to do with stopping the northern expansion of Tilbury Port but everything to do with promoting future local election candidates.

    I understand a coalition of previous council election candidates plan to stand under the ‘Thurrock First’ banner at the next local council elections in 2014.

    Perhaps Your Thurrock could probe the intentions of this ‘Thurrock First’ group and what their long term plans are and exactly what they think they can do regarding the northern expansion of Tilbury docks?

  10. Ed
    You have got it completely wrong !
    There is no conspiracy and no coalition of candidates that I know of !
    There will be no need for a judicial review !

    But the important message !

    The World Health Organisation in June reported that diesel exhaust causes lung cancer in humans FACT !

    They have responded to questions in saying the risk from the proposed lorry park could be the same as passive smoking FACT!

    When they submitted the planning application to TTGDC the accompanied it with an Environmental Impact Assessment. FACT !

    The council in the name of The Head of Major Projects and Planning say

    Outline planning was awarded and TTGDC took technical advice from the Council’s Public Protection Team on the validity of the information that had been submitted (Environmental Impact Assessment ) which established that predicted emissions were well within the air quality standards established by the Government.
    In the Environmental Impact Assessment, which I have a copy of, it is written

    “Emissions from the lorry park have not been included in this assessment”.

    So the council and the Head of Major Projects and the Public Protection Team checked the validity of something that was not done. FACT !

    This is a real issue that those who attended the meeting and have signed the on line petition were concerned about as they have families. No studies have yet been carried out to see what effect this will have on children.

    What we want is not to stop progress but to have an independent enquiry into the effects of this pollution and mitigation, if necessary, for the public and for someone to accept responsibility publicly for any rises in respiratory illness/problems in the community in years to come.

    Surely if there is no problem that is not too much to ask !

    Or is there a problem that they do not wish to admit in the pursuit of profit . Can the lorry park be put away from people
    Yes but it will cost more.

    This community is fed up with being subjected to mushroom diplomacy the community engagement the dock submitted with the application covered 33 responses for the whole of Tilbury no other part of Thurrock was included.
    That is what I call contempt !

  11. Little Thurrock Forum would like to thank all who attended the 12th August information meeting at Tyrrells Hall.(Thanks to staff at Tyrrells Hall) Councillors and political figures from both major parties were on hand to answer questions and our thanks for their time.

    The points raised have been listed and will be reviewed and printed as soon as possible.

    Further consultation with residents on Thurrock Park regarding the Jubilee Gardens project is imminent. The initial plans should be ready shortly. Please contact Keith Hatcher as advised or Little Thurrock Forum via

    Little Thurrock Community Forum will be staging a serious of Ward area specific issues meetings (Example Delafield Open Space Update)
    during the coming months and information on meetings will be made available by all means possible. Your Thurrock has kindly provided updates on meeting dates in the past. We hope the Forum website will be ready next month to complement other media information services.Please do not hesitate to use our email address for further info.
    Vincent Offord – Administrator Little Thurrock Community Forum

  12. […] As part of the expansion of the operations of Tilbury Docks, construction of a new lorry park near the ASDA store is due to start later this year – it will be sited on what is now marshland. A licence will be granted for 24 hour a day operation of 568 trucks. The site is metres away from Thurrock Park, Tilbury and the Gateway Academy. With the number of lorry movements that are envisaged, residents are concerned about the inevitable rise in pollution levels from exhaust fumes, the health risks that are associated with that and the noise as well. The Thurrock First organisation has already held a public meeting about this which took place on Sunday 12th August at Tyrells Hall. See here for the full story on Your Thurrock – […]


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