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Aveley pastor spreads the word in India

AVELEY pastor Lydia Field joined representatives of Watton Pentecostal Church in Mid Norfolk in a two week mission speaking at Pastors Conferences across South India.

Rev Roger Pawsey, his wife Tina Pawsey and Jon Adams from the Mid Norfolk church joined Pastor Vic Hudson from Crossways Christian Centre in St. Ives and Pastor Lydia Field of Aveley Christian Centre, for a mission trip that involved preaching at three Pastors Conferences, two open air gospel crusades, leading a Ladies Conference, church meetings and encouraging Christian projects.

The mission was part of the Together for God programme, which Watton Pentecostal Church and its charity River Ministries (Norfolk) has developed over more than a decade, aiming to foster mutually beneficial relationships between local churches in India and England.

Rev Roger Pawsey, the Together for God Team Leader said: “The most amazing thing on the trip was when a powerful Hindu priest came forward at a gospel meeting and gave his life to Christ renouncing all other gods ”

The team led three Pastors Conference in Nagarai, Andhra Pradesh from the 19th – 21st July, Sholinghur, Tamil Nadu on 23rd – 25th July and in Bangalore on the 30th July. During these popular events 22 pastors were ordained.

During the evenings the team also spoke at open air gospel meetings where they battled insects and illness to share their testimonies and gospel messages with hundreds of people. The team got the opportunity to pray for many of those who came forward and there was celebration over miraculous healings, including the healing of a deaf lady and a lady with a withered arm.

The trip also involved the presentation of a £907 donation to one of the projects the Together for God ministry supports, the Bangalore orphanage, the Samuel Jackson Memorial Mercy Home. The team were encouraged by the improvements that have been made to the orphanage, where 62 children now stay, over the years.


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