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Labour slam rail fare hike

SOME rail fares in Thurrock will rise by 6.2% in January (about double the rate of inflation) and some other other price rises may be even higher.

The Retail Prices Index (RPI) measure of inflation in July – which stood at 3.2% – is used to calculate the rises.

The extra money is helping to fund huge investment across the network.

Reacting to the fare increases, prospective parliamentary candidate for Thurrock (Labour), Polly Billington said: “This is terrible news for commuters in Thurrock, many of whom are already struggling to meet the costs of simply getting to and from work – an annual season ticket from Grays went up by more than £100 in January.

“Now ticket prices could go up by as much as 11% – for three years in a row, because the government is choosing to side with the train companies rather than passengers.

And it also looks like we face cuts to on-board facilities and fewer station staff at many stations in Thurrock – increasing people’s worries about safety.

“We will end up paying more for less. That’s no way to run a railway or help passengers facing rising living costs.”

Mike Hewitson, of watchdog Passenger Focus told the BBC: “This is another inflation-busting increase.

“There is only so much you can squeeze passengers. The government needs to think again about the plus 3%”


  1. Thanks Thurrock Labour.

    Question: what services would you raise if the other party bankrupted us?

    Answer: everyone’s taxes. Hypocrites…

  2. And the Labour party did exactly the same when they were in power. Being a long term commuter into London I remember the fare increases under the last Labour government. They never screamed scandalous then, why now. JOB 3.14’s last comment is absolutely right, Hypocrites. Sister Polly seems to make a habit of making hypocritical comments and soundbites against the Tories.

  3. Is that not Ockendon station behind them, has labour got concerns with reference to Ockendon?

    Polly only seems to pipe up when she feels she has points to score.

  4. “We will end up paying more for less”

    Rail commuters have always paid more for less so this is nothing new. Rail companies drag out the same excuse ‘the extra money will be used to improve the network’ which I very much doubt so this isn’t really worth Labour jumping on it and creating a story out of it.

    The current government probably won’t do anything about it and I seriously doubt a Labour government would do anything different.

  5. Here we go again, more dementia from Labour Party Members, blimey they all need to get professional help, do they really think that Jo Public cannot recall when they were in power and set up the rail increase system and it continued to rise year on year whilst they were in power.

    Once again they will stand and bitch about things without offering any real insight on what they would do differently, it is so easy to be the opposition party, all you have to do is scream about everything that the government does and not offer any alternatives……

  6. I don’t know who introduced the fare rise system currently in place (maybe somebody out there can enlighten me) but it does seem ludicrous that rail companies are allowed to charge a fixed percentage above inflation without any compulsion to improve services. Much better would be a system whereby you could charge extra percentage points (say up to a maximum of 5%) only if you have delivered measurable increases and improvements in service the year before. If you made spectacular improvements you could feasibly charge the whole hog but, if there were no improvements, you could only increase fares by the rate of inflation.
    in fact, there could also be a case for not allowing any increase at all if perormance actualy diminished over the year. Wouldn’t that, or something like it, be more acceptable to commuters?

  7. I believe it was John Prescott while he was Transport Secretary. He made speeches about how the users of the railways should pay for them and not expect the taxpayer to subsidise them any more. That’s Labour for you, total amnesia when it comes to their own policies still being enforced by a Tory government, sorry and the Lib Dems.

  8. They look rather gleeful, don’t they? But then again, maybe they’re enjoying being photographed as a threesome. We should not judge, but pity.

    I assume they have something to justify their claims there will be staff and service cuts? And please, do tell us how the nation’s most punctual train operator, currently lengthening platforms in Thurrock to improve the service, is simulatneously attacking the service.

    Wonderful stuff from Grays’ newest “resident” Polly Billington…

  9. A classic example of how politicians of all parties view their electorate as ignorant and ill informed,this is a 22 carat gold case of shooting ones self in the foot.

    When will they ever learn!

  10. […] Come January, some rail fares in Thurrock will rise by 6.2% – double the rate of inflation. The prospective Labour parliamentary candidate for Thurrock, Polly Billington said: “This is terrible news for commuters in Thurrock, many of whom are already struggling to meet the costs of simply getting to and from work – an annual season ticket from Grays went up by more than £100 in January”. See here for the full story: […]


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