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Soaring success for A-level students at South Essex College

A-LEVEL results have been a soaring success at South Essex College with a 97% pass rate, a total of 15 A-level courses also achieved an impressive 100% pass rate.

The success of London Southend Airport over the last 12 months influenced the College’s group photo, complete with its very own passport to success and even its own actual airplane seats!

Ready for take off, successful A-level students from South Essex College held aloft their all important results as though they were boarding passes, tickets to their future success and degree courses of choice. For those choosing South Essex College as their place to study for two years, it has meant destination success for them with many students deciding to continue onto a degree either at the college or further afield.

New Principal and Chief Executive, Angela O’Donoghue, said: “This is my first week as Principal so it’s a great introduction to some of the things that attracted me to the College, the dedicated and hardworking students and staff. I couldn’t have hoped for a better start to my time at the College. Our students can be proud of all they have achieved and I wish them all continued success for the future.”

Students ready to take off to university and a scholarship

Emily Marsh, 18, Rayleigh

Geography B

Sociology B

Psychology C

What next? Off travelling after winning a Royal Geographical Society Scholarship

Emily gained a Geography Scholarship with the Royal Geographical Society which will now see her travel to India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam for 6-9 months, which will see that B in Geography come in handy then!

Emily said: “My teacher nominated me for the scholarship; I never thought I’d actually get it though, but it’s always been my dream since I was little to go travelling. I’ve always wanted to go to Asia and explore it.

I chose to do my A-levels here as it was the best place to do Geography. I’m not going to miss doing my exams but I’m definitely going to miss everyone from the College.

I was so scared about getting my results; I felt there was a lot more pressure on getting my results than there was on planning my trip!”

When Emily returns from her trip she has the option of a place at Queen Mary University studying Geography, although she also look at the option of getting a job on her travels.

She concluded: “The College has really helped me to get where I am today because the tutors nominated me to do the scholarship. Without it, I probably wouldn’t have even considered University; I would’ve just got a job straight from College. But they’ve encouraged me to go travelling and then to University too.

After Uni the big dream is to work for the United Nations if not something to do with human rights and maybe travelling some more. “

Bethan Smith 18, Grays

English Literature A*

Psychology A*

Sociology A

I probably felt relieved when I first saw my results. I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights wondering whether I’d got the grades to get into uni and then when it sunk in I was speechless and overjoyed.

I’m going to Warwick University to study English Literature and I’m really excited because the course looks exciting and detailed.

Staff have been supportive and encouraging and that’s probably been the highlight of my two years. I wouldn’t have been able to get the grades that I did if I didn’t have the support and feedback that I did.

Wesley Gyechie, 18, Chafford Hundred

English Language and Literature A

Media A

Law A

Extended Project: Copyright Law A

Studying Law at University of Reading

I couldn’t believe it when I found out my grades. Entry requirements to get onto my Law degree at Uni were AAB but to get four As is unbelievable.

I’d go to my tutors after class everyday and they’d mark my practice questions and past papers and I just got better and better and better. It just goes to show you that hard work definitely pays off!

Joel Williams, 18, Basildon

English Literature & Language A

Mathematics A

Psychology A

Studying Psychology and University of Sussex

I wasn’t expecting to get the grades that I did, I thought I’d get an A and two Bs so I was really happy when I found out my results. I’m going to study Psychology at Sussex University which I’m really looking forward to. My time at the college has been good, I liked the environment, it seemed relaxed and it’s right on the High Street which was great.

Other results have ‘taken off’ at the College as well

548 Level 3 Extended Diploma students achieved High Grades (equivalent to 3 A and B grades at A-level). This will now see many of these students progressing onto degree courses of their choice.


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