Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Eric Pickles tells Thurrock Council to throw open meeting to bloggers and tweeters

IT looks like it is going to be a bit of a squeeze on the press benches at Thurrock Council.

As YourThurrock heads for its fourth birthday, it may be that we will be joined by the legion of bloggers and tweeters in Thurrock such as Myles, DownyourwaywithDanny, Javelinsam, Lambo and many many more.

New law changes to introduce greater openness and transparency in executive councils meetings will mean all decisions including those affecting budgets and local services will have to be taken in an open and public forum, Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles announced today.

Ministers have put new regulations before Parliament that would come into force next month to extend the rights of people to attend all meetings of a council’s executive, its committees and subcommittees.

The changes will result in greater public scrutiny. The existing media definition will be broadened to cover organisations that provide internet news thereby opening up councils to local online news outlets.

Individual councillors will also have stronger rights to scrutinise the actions of their council.

Any executive decision that would result in the council incurring new spending or savings significantly affecting its budget or where it would affect the communities of two or more council wards will have to be taken in a more transparent way as a result.

Crucially councils will no longer be able to cite political advice as justification for closing a meeting to the public and press. In addition any intentional obstruction or refusal to supply certain documents could result in a fine for the individual concerned.

The changes clarify the limited circumstances where meetings can be closed, for example, where it is likely that a public meeting would result in the disclosure of confidential information. Where a meeting is due to be closed to the public, the council must now justify why that meeting is to be closed and give 28 days notice of such decision.

As a consequence of the greater levels of transparency around meetings, the Government is able to remove unnecessary and bureaucratic red tape on forward plans introduced by legislation in 2000.

Eric Pickles said:

“Every decision a council takes has a major impact on the lives of local people so it is crucial that whenever it takes a significant decision about local budgets that affect local communities whether it is in a full council meeting or in a unheard of sub-committee it has got to be taken in the full glare of all the press and any of the public.

“Margaret Thatcher was first to pry open the doors of Town Hall transparency. Fifty years on we are modernising those pioneering principles so that every kind of modern journalists can go through those doors – be it from the daily reporter, the hyper-local news website or the armchair activist and concerned citizen blogger – councils can no longer continue to persist with a digital divide.”

Chris Taggart, of, which has long championed the need to open council business up to public scrutiny, added:

“In a world where hi-definition video cameras are under £100 and hyperlocal bloggers are doing some of the best council reporting in the country, it is crazy that councils are prohibiting members of the public from videoing, tweeting and live-blogging their meetings.


  1. “….and hyperlocal bloggers are doing some of the best council reporting in the country….”

    Hope you’re blushing young Michael !!

  2. Having witnessed some of the ‘open’ committee work I support this all the way, I wish more local council tax payers would try and witness the process, I know that you would be shocked with ineptitude of the people who they vote in and more importantly the decisions that these people get to make, who ultimately cost the borough lots of money through pet interests and schemes, I would like Thurrock Council to be taken to task about what they are forced to do by elected members, my guess it is tens of thousands

  3. This could open up the chance for a little bit of mayhem for us bloggers. I will not be taking the opportunity for now though. I DO keep an eye on the local council but prefer to save my bile and venom for National Government that I will deliver in bucket loads on my personal blog at My YT column is for the less inflamatory stuff.


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