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GCSE results 2012: Gable Hall: Back where we belong….

YOU COULD tell last year, that Gable Hall were not happy with their exam results. Everyone put on a brave face but it was with gritted teeth. And so it was with a much happier visage that headteacher, Dr Asong could announce that the school gained a mark of 70% or more of 5 A* to C at GCSE’s including English and Maths.

The students were delighted and mixed happily comparing exam marks.

YT spoke to students Isabella Hetherington, who at the age of sixteen had, remarkably, gained an A at A level Dance.

We also spoke to Anna Bareham, Ryan O’Neill, Hannah Power and Reece Hall.


  1. The purpose of education is surely to prepare young people for the future. Schools should be helping all of our children to develop the necessary skills and qualities to thrive. Self-confidence, motivation, resilience and social kills are all essentials to be responsible citizens and make a positive contribution to society!

    Alas, the powers that be don’t get this…and don’t understand that GCSEs are not the be all and end all!

    It’s sooo hard when you passionately care and though I’m not a religious man, maybe I need to forgive them…for they know not what they do!


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