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Clarification: Register of Members Interests

ON the 30th August, YT published a story regarding the apparent failure of a number of councillors to register their interests with Thurrock Council.

It has been brought to our attention on Friday August 31st, by the leader of the Thurrock Conservative group, cllr Phil Anderson that cllrs Andrew Roast and Mike Revell “submitted signed declaration forms on or before the 24th August.”

YourThurrock inspected the file at 11am on the 24th and their submissions were not there.

We contacted the council press office on Monday 27th, who in turn, we were told, contacted, cllr Anderson.

The press office informed us that they had not received a reply from cllr Anderson.

YT received an e-mail from Cllr Anderson on Friday Aug 31st, and he informed us that the declarations of interest from cllrs Roast and Revell were definitely in the public file by the afternoon of the 24th.

He has also informed us that cllr Pauline Tolson has also now submitted her personal interests and they are also in the file.

We are happy to clarify this position.


  1. Perhaps councillor Phil Anderson will explain? Why his members had Eight weeks notice to fill these forms in. Furthermore if they didn’t understand the forms the legal department said any members could make an appointment and Thurrocks legal department would have assist them to fill them in to go on file so no excuse Phil Can’t wait to see Redsell file

  2. And the winner of Paralympic gold for “insinuating cllr Redsell is involved in something dodgy at a random time” is: hot press! Well Done that man! I assume its a disability, like attention defecit disorder or something? Because if you were paying attention, this had nothing to do with cllr Redsell.

  3. I cannot understand why YT dilutes a piece of factual journalism. These councillors committed an offence by not submitting signed declaration forms registering their interest . They were made aware of the requirement. The question here is why (yet again) Thurrock Legal Services failed in their duty to report them to the police to be prosecuted for at least three months? Effectively law breakers/criminals who are continually allowed to sit on committees making judgements and decisions on residents, based on the council’s policies, procedures, civil and bye-laws. Par for the course for Thurrock though. Stop dumbing down your articles YT.

  4. Descamisados looks like you could get a gold this week and iam not a man

    redsell is a disability, to herself and thurrock

  5. Albert and hot press – are you the same person? The cat is out of the bag… I never would have suggested you were disabled if I’d known you were actually schizophrenic…

    Donovan, there is a difference between “they have not submitted their declarations on time” (which is a problem) and “the council didn’t have them in the right place at a particular time” (less of a problem)

  6. Shirtless one- presumably you are not a spin doctor for Thurock Council – the declarations were not in the file at 11 am 0n the 24th August. The article states that Cllr Anderson phoned YT and said they were in the public file in the afternoon. It does not say they were in a different place. Because Tolson was served up as the guilty one does not make the others any more innocent. Declarations are not new- only the penalty. If the declaratios weren’t on file- said cllrs should have been reported and prosecuted. I am sure you agree – rules and laws apply to EVERYONE. Breaching a code of conduct with knowledge is malfeasance and should be treated as such.

  7. Yes, but the rule isn’t that they have to be on file. The rule is they have to be submitted. It seems likely that they were submitted but hadn’t been filed properly. Perhaps that’s why the council don’t appear to be responding with any attempt to penalise.

  8. So Descamisados are you trying to insinuate that it is Council Officers fault that these declarations weren’t on file? This would be the normal reaction of certain Councillors, blame an officer rather than take responsibility and admit their own shortcomings. Classic timing that some of the declarations turn up the afternoon that YT start asking questions.

    YT can only write a story with the facts available at the time. This would probably have been a non story if the Conservatives were allowed to talk to YT. Perhaps it is time for Cllr Anderson to lift the ban on Conservatives speaking to YT?

  9. Shirtless one – what is all this rubbish about it is ‘likely’ they were submitted. More likely that they weren’t. Another fairy story entirely as to why the council didn’t penalise. Good try though doctor honoris causa sandeces.

  10. So Ed are you trying to insinuate that all officers are perfect? The article says cllr Anderson emailed YT so reports of a ban seem to be exaggerated.

    Well Donovan, I guess we shall have to agree to disagree. By the way, your posts would be easier to understand if you combine Latin and Spanish into the nonexistant language of Spatin.

  11. Would descamisados inform us why he or she alludes to council officers making mistakes ?. Surely descamidos you have examples of these council employees making errors or are you attempting to deflect errors made by councillors ?.


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