Monday, December 4, 2023

Residents dismayed by rubbish in Hardie Park

IT IS the nature of news these days that residents. voters, consumers, citizens can express their dismay far more efficiently by simply putting a photograph on a social media site.

So when active citizen Shane Ralph went for a walk in Hardie Park, he was horrified at the state of the bins in the Stanford-le-Hope park.

The park has become a focal point for community activity with a group called Friends of Hardie Park campaigning for improved facilities.

But it appears that the park has been neglected as residents have complained in their droves.

One resident said: “Thurrock’s cleansing team need to get out and do their job but also people that dispose of their rubbish need to use the correct bins as that bin is for dog poo not for general rubbish.”

Shane Ralph added: “The bin is next to the kids play area and it stunk, it should not be like it, no matter when they come to do it. It should never be that bad and we should be told why it happened.”

YT has spoken to Stanford West councillor Terry Hipsey. Cllr Hipsey said: “This is unacceptable and I will act upon this on Monday morning.”


  1. It does seem a great shame that people have to spoil there own surroundings, by throwing their rubbish everywhere, instead of taking it home with them, it looks like that Dog Poo bin has seen better days.
    I walk along Foyle Drive in South Ockendon, along most footpaths there is a collection of rubbish that has been thrown from moving cars, Mc Donald wrappers, empty Pepsi cans etc on the footpaths, why cant these brainless cretins take the rubbish home with them, also people are dumping rubbish in Dilkes Park again, the park is looked after very well, with regular grass cutting and dog bin collections every day, but still people think its a litter bin, glass beer bottles thrown into bushes, and dog poo on the grass, where a dog owner cant be bothered to pick it up after their dog as pooed on the grass, anybody could walk in it, there are still a group of mindless thugs who walk mud up the childrens slide, and stand on all the swings with muddy boots, I just dont understand their mentality anymore.

  2. Its the same in Little Thurrock, drivers leave Mcdonalds at ASDAs by the time they get on the slip road to go in to Little Thurrock its all the wrappers out of the window. They will not take it home because there mums will moan at them for eating Mcdonalds and not eating there mums meals.

    As for the Thurrock Council verge cleaners each week they spend a day clearing the 2 slip roads coming off the Docks Approach Road and do a brillant job.
    But then when the rush home from the A13 in the evening starts,its all the Rubbish they have left over for the day (bootles,glass and plastic,beer cans,crisp bags etc) into their Tesco Carrier Bags and again out of the window
    on to road by the sharp bend by Bretts Farm on the Marshfoot Road.

    Another 5 minutes and they must be home and they could put in own their own rubbish bins.

  3. i m afraid that these are not isolated incidents . walking around corringham park the poo bins are over flowing and there is broken glass beer cans etc all over the place..people moan about dog poo but if dog owmers do their bit by clearing it up surely the council could keep their side of the deal and empty the bins not just once a week but daily .They should realise that most dog owner are becoming more responsable so that the bins will fill up quicker.As for the broken bottles cans etc maybe a patrol by the police in the twilights hours with the power to gets the culprits back to clear up the mess would be a step in the right direction.


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