Sunday, December 3, 2023

Chafford street launches petition after flooding

RESIDENTS of a Chafford street have launched a petition as they hope to see action taken against flooding in the area.

In the petition submitted to Thurrock Council, residents leader, Deborah Hance states:

The repeated flooding of homes and garages in the lower half of Catalina Avenue has caused numerous families great expense, distress and inconvenience. The whole road is potentially affected through increased insurance and utilities costs and action needs to be taken to ensure the road does not flood in future.

“This has been an issue on several occasions since the development of the road by Bellway homes in 1997.

“Pumping stations built to carry water to the Treacle Mine roundabout no longer seem to be effective in times of heavy rainfall, as experienced on July 8th, 2012. Flooding on the roundabout itself compounds the problem as rain washes back down the slope rather than draining away.

“The residents of Catalina would like Thurrock Council to investigate this problem and take action to prevent further damage to homes and the street.”


  1. You have to ask yourself the question….

    Who allowed these houses to be built her in the first place? Was nobody on the council at the time aware of the dangers of building properties on certain parcels of land?

  2. i could never understand why that bit of land was not levelled like the rest of chafford,it was obvious there would be a flooding risk there.


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