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Essex Police defend criticism of response times

ESSEX POLICE have responded to criticism regarding their response times to emergencies.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “Essex Police will always strive to deliver the best possible policing service during a period of unprecedented change, and faced with the requirement to make recurring revenue savings of more than £42 million by 2014/15.

There has been recent media coverage suggesting that “one in five” urban emergency incidents were not attended within 15 minutes by Essex Police. This claim is incorrect and does not accurately represent the force’s current level of performance.

When all emergency incidents are considered, the force’s performance for August 2012 shows that officers are attending 86 percent of all emergency calls within the target time.

Through our recent restructuring programme and new shift patterns, Essex Police is maximising the number of officers available to investigate crime, police the streets and respond to emergency incidents.

In the year’s first quarter, the number of emergency response calls attended within the target time was 81.7%. This relates to the first few months of 2012, when Essex Police was working through a period of significant change. Since that time, with the new working arrangements settling in, there has been a continuous improvement in the force’s performance in responding to emergency incidents.

It should also be borne in mind that the number of emergency incidents dealt with by Essex Police has increased in recent months. In the most recent quarter, officers attended 2,017 more emergency responses and 757 more priority incidents as compared with the same period last year.

Essex Police constantly monitors and reviews our performance in attending emergency response calls, and remains committed to providing the best possible service to our communities.


  1. As I have stated before; You get what you pay for.
    If the Police keep getting budget cuts, there won’t be an emergency response.
    But no doubt this is all the previous governments fault, as is everthing else!

  2. the problem with modern day policing is that it really is not that modern, they shoudl eb embracing new technologies to keep officers on the beat rather than being taken off the streets for hours after an arrest to fill in the paperwork etc, whilst budget cuts are a necessity in light of the countries financial state (yes from the previous governments overspend jmw118) however the force need to work within their budget and move policing into the modern world.

    How many high ranking officers are sat in their officers in Chelmsford that are really needed in the office, can these be redeployed onto the streets, the Specials do a fantastic job for no money whilst we waste money on PCSO’s who have no more real powers than you or I do, they are just glorified traffic wardens, if they really want to become police officers then train them up and get them on the beat, it wont cost more as they are already being paid and the training infrastructure is already there.

    Maybe once TBC link up with Barking and Dagenham we can have the Met patrolling through Essex as well 🙂

  3. The present police force in the Thurrock area is a disgrace, thanks to this governments 22% cut backs, you cant cut that deep and still expect the police force to attend crime scenes, within a few minutes, if they are stretched, I agree the PCSO’s arent really upto the job, afew weeks ago a man who has had both of his hands amputated plus one leg, was burgled and a next door neighbour rang the police, to be told that there would be a police cat there within twenty minutes, a patrol car responded to the call within, twenty five minutes, the thieves got away with jewelry and some cash and a mobile phone, they looked around the house and gardens, and said they couldnt find anything, and left him alone, some of us neighbours searched the local area, and found his mobile phone, whilst we were out searching a PCSO arrived on a bike, and said that he couldnt stop, as he was chasing a stolen car?, I asked him what he could do on a bike, he said he was going to cut them off?, the next day we found some more jewelry, afew days later the thieves returned and smashed his two rear windows in, to gain access again, the police nevert attended the second incident, as they were too busy, no dought chasing stolen cars, I have great respect for the real policeman has they are trained in most aspects of crime, and we need more of them on the streets, not Specials or PCSO’s, real policemen and women on the beat and out of cars.


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