Saturday, July 13, 2024

Police set to probe tots cleaning fluid incident

ESSEX Police are set to investigate the circumstances surrounding a Corringham two-year-old drinking cleaning fluid.

Callum Blackshaw has been in Great Ormond Street Hospital for three weeks after the incident that occurred at the Orsett home of his grandmother, Carina Blackshaw when the youngster appears to have taken the bottle from the shopping that was sitting on the table.

Since then the grandmother has launched a press campaign questioning why the Oven Pride product was not removed from the shelves pending investigation.

However, according to the gran, who also serves as a PCSO, the bottle in question was lost in transit between Basildon hospital and Great Ormond Street.

YT had contacted Thurrock Council social services to ask whether they were investigating the circumstances but we were told that the matter was confidential.

However an Essex Police spokesperson has confirmed that the matter has been referred to them.

Callum remains in a critical condition and may require an oesophagus transplant.



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