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Adizone destroyed. Library under siege: “The untouchable street rats of Corringham”

YT attended the monthly meeting of the Corringham and Fobbing community forum on Monday night. We initially attended because we understood the state of the Adizone in the park was going to be discussed.

Before we went to the meeting, we went to the Adizone and filmed what now looks like a warzone.

The Adizone was opened just under eighteen months at a cost of £167,000. Jointly funded by Thurrock Council, Veoila Mardyke, partnership for schools and the community forum. It was opened by olympic weightlifter, Zoe Smith.

Now, it is all but destroyed. Nazi insignia, large parts dug up and the whole surface is like a disgusting sticky carpet. Go to the Adizone and wipe your feet on the way out.

As we walked to the library, you could see a group of twenty five “feral street rats” hanging outside the shops and forcing customers to run the gauntlet.

The meeting covered several issues, which we will cover in due course.

The question of the library came up. Deputy head of Thurrock libraries, Jenny Meads reported that the library had been, to all intents and purposes, under siege all summer.

The council had employed a security guard which has helped “a little bit” but they can no longer afford him, so they have gone.

Jenny Meads described at the meeting, a library, virtually under siege. With yobs pushing over chairs and computers, lighting cigarettes and clambering onto the top of the roof.

The youths on the roof had summed up the whole problem as they shouted: “You can’t touch us”

The meeting was attended by a sergeant and a constable. They appeared well meaning but seemed to look on at events described as merely, onlookers.

You suspected that never in a month of sundays would there be any move to arrest or deal with the situation robustly. They pleaded staffing problems, which begged the question why it needed two officers to sit at a meeting for three hours.

Indeed, one officer informed the meeting that he was conducting a thorough investigation as to whether mulled wine could be drunk outside at the Winter Fair.

The councillors who attended, Tories Phil Anderson and Andrew Roast did not have much to say on the issue whilst the Labour councillor, Phil Smith did the usual councillor thing and mouthed something about PCSO’s.

The meeting ended with the chair of the forum, Danni Tate handing in her resignation, with immediate effect. She told the meeting that it was “partly” due to the Winter Fair.

The YT reporter left the meeting reflecting on a conversation he had with a voter outside a Corringham Polling Station in May 2011. We asked what were their main concerns in Corringham. They stated “Crime”.

He said: “For the life of me, I cannot understand why, we see “youths” committing crimes in Corringham and the police seem to give it passing attention. They have lost the streets round here.”

The reporter asked what the voter did for a living?

He replied” “I work for the Met Police.”


  1. What a terrible shame, how disgusting that the local community has let this pass without shouting to even the national media about how this can be left!
    Bring back Zoe Smith and show her in front of the press how it looks now to hopefully embarass the powers that be.
    We cannot surrender to this sort of anti social behaviour and just give up.
    Keep shouting at the local councillors, MP’s etc.
    Well done YT for bringing this to our attention!
    People must unite to keep the idiots from destroying our communities.

  2. Unfortunately this is all to common within Thurrock and surrounding areas, the criminal element of the youth (there are some very decent youngsters out there) seem to be able to get away with anything they want to do, the police appear helpless or is that hapless to stop these.

    Do the parents of these criminals know what they are up to? would they even give a flying fig what their offspring are doing? maybe if the parents were prosecuted alongside their little darlings and forced to pay for any damages that have occurred they then may actually give a damn about the place they live and what their children do.

    It is all well and good the Labour councillor going on about PCSO’s but the truth is that they are ineffectual and the youth know this, they are nothing more than dogs without teeth, the criminal elements need to be dealt a hard blow; however, Essex police just keep harping on about reduced numbers and hope that the public will forgive them for doing nothing.

  3. This is a real shame but I’m glad YT has reported this story.

    Unfortunately this is what happens when you spend over a decade running down the justice system, increasing benefits, take away work opportunities by adding mass immigration into the mix, take power away from the parents to discipline their children as they see fit, shift the focus away from skilled manual jobs to shovelling everyone into university, preside over a system where ‘youths’ feel they have to answer to no-one.

    I suppose its easier for Cllr Smith to waffle on about PCSOs (or the horrible Tory cuts) than it is to call up Mr Milliband and highlight the above points which has lead to the dire situation in Corringham and elsewhere.

  4. My on-line friendly Tory Bernard87.
    Surely you can’t put all the blame for all this destruction, on the Labour Party?!
    That is a very blinkered and negative view, and I know you are better than that.
    Please come back and suggest some practical ideas for solving these problems, or should we just give up?

  5. thank god someone has finaly seen what is happening to our parks in corringham . i have phoned the council afew times about used syringes in the park , try walking around the park on a sunday morning and look at all the empty beer cans /glasses etc you could be mistaken for thinking you were at a rubbish tip in a third world country .If the powers that be are commited to cleaning up the area they should try walking these parks at night or in the morning it might just open their eyes,

  6. Thought experiment for you jmw118
    1) could you have imagined this happening in 1996?
    2) Could you have imagined it happening in 2009?
    I leave it to you to assign blame, personally I blame the people responsible (!)

    Practical solution is as follows: 1) it should be announced that with effect from Monday there will be a zero tolerance approach. 2) from Monday, any incidents of this nature reported to police (people should be encouraged to report) should be approached seriously – fingerprinting, CCTV, pictures in the paper captioned “do you know this person?” etc with a view to identifying culprits. 3) anybody convicted of destroying the community should be fined and made to do community work, specifically repairing the damage where possible. Those who cannot pay a fine (teenagers etc) should do extra community work. 4) anybody caught 3 times should receive a prison sentence.

    The are probably some exceptions where the above needs amending, but that’s why judges have discretion.

  7. Hi Jmw

    I do think that a great deal of problems faced today in regards to crime are down to the soft policies of the last Labour government – mainly they allowed people to get away with crime and paved the way for soft sentences. It’s no point the council spending vast amounts of money installing cctv or residents and police working together to catch the culprits if they get let off by a judge who thinks this type of behaviour should not be seriously punished.

    I do not blame the council as there is only so much they can do but will admit that the police need to be much tougher. I do like Bens idea ” anybody convicted of destroying the community should be fined and made to do community work, specifically repairing the damage where possible” but I would also make teenagers (under 18s) parents pay for the damage. We have to make parents more responsible for the behaviour of their children. If the criminals are over 18 and on benefit then money should be deducted from their benefit which can go to the local council who have to spend extra money repairing the damage.

    I’m not saying that this type of crime was non-existant before 1997 as we all know that idiots like these have been around for years and the current government don’t seem to be busying themselves with sorting out our justice system (or much else for that matter!)


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