Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Ballion’s Crake filmed at RSPB in Purfleet

HUNDREDS OF twitchers descended on Purfleet at the weekend to catch a rare glimpse of the Baillons Crake.

A sighting is rare enough but this was a juvenile.

Chafford ornithologist, David Darrell-Lambert went down to the site and captured the rare bird on film.


  1. Disappointing video. A great shame you didn’t have a more powerful zoom on the camera. As it was it might just have well been a pigeon or a common sparrow.

  2. The video does show how the bird behaves. Not just going along at ground level, but also wandering about up the reeds. Just as I saw it at the RSPB in Purfleet this morning. 😀 I’m guessing the video was taken in very little early morning light? For some lovely still photos in better light here’s a link to the RSPB blog. I don’t know much about birds. I do volunteer at that nature reserve. I find the people there very good at telling me what things are. And this morning the twitchers were very kind at talking me how to see that bird. It’s a lovely reserve. And residents of Thurrock get free admission. Kushti. 😀

  3. P.S. … Sorry, yes. David Darrell-Lambert’s video is just how the Purfleet bird looks in early morning light. That You Tube video is wow gorgeous. I wonder where it was taken. I’m guessing not in the UK? 🙂


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