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Does Labour want welfare reforms to fail asks MP

THURROCK MP, Jackie Doyle-Price rose on the floor of the House during a debate on Universal Credit and Welfare Reform to question Labour’s motives.

Ms Doyle-Price said: “Does my hon. Friend agree that the spirit in which the Secretary of State is approaching this issue stands in clear contrast to the approach of the Opposition, who have tabled this mealy-mouthed, negative motion? They are willing the reforms to fail, but we should all want them to succeed if we really want to make work pay.

Jacob Rees-Mogg (North East Somerset, Conservative) replied:

“I am very sympathetic to what my hon. Friend says. This is something of a puzzle to me, because the Labour Front-Bench spokesmen on this subject are among the most civilised members of the Opposition, and it seems uncharacteristic of them to table such a motion—[Hon. Members: “Hear, hear!”] I felt sure that they would be delighted to be flattered by me, of all people. What I have said about them is true, however; it is recognised by those on my own Front Bench.

“However, the motion before us is extremely overstated. It uses the language of chaos and disaster, as did Mr Byrne, and calls on the Government “urgently to set out” plans. In contrast, the Secretary of State answered every question that was put to him. He was willing to listen, and he is doing something that, in principle, those on both sides of the House agree with.”


  1. Perhaps they object to your ‘mealy mouthed and negative’ government removing benefits from genuine disabled claimants, though of course they get ATOS to do there dirty work.

  2. Unfortunately the Labour party decided it was a good idea to increase the welfare bill by 130% giving benefits to scrounging scumbags from all around the world including the scrounging scumbags born in this country that the genuinely needy now have to suffer. So well done the Labour party for screwing those people who really do need the state to look after them.

  3. Growler

    You know as well as I do that the welfare bill of this country is unsustainable. I’m a Tory but I have no qualms admitting that there are a number of issues that I do not agree with the Tories on, but this is not one of them. Benefits reform is needed urgently and if I were in the government I would take them even further until it is drummed back in peoples head that if you can, you should work for a living.

    No doubt there will be hiccups with the system in the beginning and management of the new scheme will have to be exceptionally good so as not to end up with a welfare system that IDS has spent so long trying to replace.

    Hopefully these reforms will force some of the dross that walks around Grays town centre at all times of the day go out and get a job or study something new.

  4. The work by ATOS has been a complete shambles with the majority of the cases reversed on appeal, this needs to be looked at by the Government and changes made to the process of evaluating if the claimant is genuine or not.

    The benefits system in the UK is too easy to get hold of, that is why everyone one wants to come to the country, wholesale changes need to be put in place so that only those who genuinely require assistance get it, if active people want to claim benefits then they should be made to do community work for the money, if they refuse then stop the benefits.

    For far too long we have had people living on state handouts which is costing the country a fortune, this needs to stop


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