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Does Mick have the blueprint for the future of policing in Thurrock?

THIS IS our second interview with Essex Police Crime Commissioner candidate, Mick Thwaites.

Whereas other candidates are, to be kind, feeling their way, with the subject of policing in Essex, Mick has and displays a great deal of knowledge borne from his 34 years in the job. Of course, there are police officers (as is the case in many careers) who are no wiser after three decades than when they started) but Mick does appear to be wired into the key issues.

What is more, the man on the street, relates to Mick and understands him.

Mick also understands that Thurrock is a micro-climate that, in a large county, needs to be understood and not just given passing attention.

On Thursday 15th November, elections will be held across England and Wales (with the exception of London) to vote for a Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for every police area.
At the same time, Police Authorities will be abolished.

The other candidates are:

Nicholas Alston (Cons)
Val Morris-Cook (Lab)
Linda Belgrove (Ind)
John Gili-Ross (Ind)
Robin Tilbrook (Eng Democrats)

For your information:

The Police & Crime Commissioner’s (PCC) role will involve working with the public, the police and local partners to ensure effective policing as well as contributing to national requirements.

The PCC will be responsible for overseeing policing on behalf of more than 1.7 million people in Essex. He or she will be chosen by an electorate of about 1.4 million and set the Police Council Tax precept for more than 700,000 homes as well as holding the Chief Constable and force to account. The PCC will have the power to employ and if necessary dismiss the Chief Constable under whom there are more than 6000 officers and staff.

The PCC will have responsibility for ensuring an effective and efficient force in everything from counter terrorism and serious and organised crime through a huge range of specialist operations including mobile units, firearms, marine and helicopter operations to local neighbourhood police officers. Essex collaborates closely with Kent in many front line as well as back office activities and this will grow.

Although directly elected, the PCC will be held to account by a Police and Crime Panel (PCP) comprised of councillors representing each of the districts, boroughs, unitary authorities and county council. There will also be a minimum of 2 independent members. More details of the PCP and its role can be found by clicking the following link.


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