Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Tomb with a view looks far from grave…….

MURDERS in the fog!
Murder, mystery and intrigue await you at the Thameside Theatre in October! Thurrock Courts Players latest production of ‘A Tomb With a View’ is set in a very old house in a very remote part of Essex with thick swirling fog around it.

Inside Monument House live the surviving members of the very strange and sinister Tomb family waiting to hear the will reading of their late but unlamented father Septimus Tomb.

The family lawyer waits to read the will but cannot start until one guest, a young author arrives who is also named in the will, much to her surprise and the anger of the family!

The scene is set for a trail of bodies as the sinister family set about to protect their inheritance. One member thinks he’s a werewolf, another wanders around in Caesar’s toga, a third is a gentle lady who plants more than flowers in the soft soil of the garden.

Another of the brothers conducts strang toxic experiments in his labaratory, and what about the sympathetic nurse looking after Caeser?

So the body count starts to rise and Courts Players defy you to guess who the killer really is right to the very end of the play! You can see this comedy thriller from 11th to 13th October at the Thameside Theatre 7.45pm, but don’t come alone that is  – unless you don’t frighten easily!


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