Wednesday, February 21, 2024

So proud! New social housing unveiled in Corringham

OXWICH CLOSE in Corringham made history this week as the first new social housing on over a decade to be built in the borough.

Portfolio holder, cllr Val Morris-Cook was joined by the mayor of Thurrock, cllr Yash Gupta as well as very proud new residents as the flats were unveiled.

Many of the council officers who were instrumental in getting the flats built were also present alongside tenant participation members from across the borough.


  1. What Labour will fail to mention is that the person who started the Council House building programme in Thurrock is former Conservative Leader Councillor Garry Hague.

    He single handed met Government officials, sourced potential funding and convinced the Conservative group to make this Council policy.

    If I recall Labour did everything they could to stop these properties being built.

    I hope Cllr Val Morris-Cock will also thank the Coalition for making it easier to build council homes -something 13 years of New Labour failed to do.

  2. This woman would have her photo taken with a dead dog if she thought it would get her in the media and give her the chance to chant nasty evil tories again.


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