Friday, December 8, 2023

Tories concerned over health of cllr Kiely

LORD LUCAN, Amelia Earhart, Jimmy Hoffa and Shergar. We don’t know if the Thurrock Conservatives are searching for them but they are certainly concerned for the health and well-being of the Ockendon councillor Aaron Kiely.

The 23-year-old radical has only been seen at one meeting since January.

On Wednesday nights full council meeting, Blackshots councillor, Ben Maney asked after the health of the councillor.

Council leader, cllr John Kent told the chamber that cllr Kiely was in rude health and he had spoken to him earlier that day.

Under present rules, cllr Kiely is only required to attend one meeting per six months. He attended a meeting in May and so may only need to attend a meeting in November and then May 2012 and so on until May 2015.

Cllr Kiely is extremely active as a Black students officer for the National Union of Students.


  1. This bloke is joke and is laughing in the face of all those who voted for him, the local Labour Party should throw him out, however, I doubt very much that they will take any sanctions against him.

  2. Comrade Kiely is a con artist. The Labour party have effectively sanctioned him to falsely claim money from the council. He and the Labour party are a disgrace and Comrade Kent is Kiely’s little poodle. Perhaps he tickled Kent’s tummy in return for Kent’s blessing for him to carry on falsely claiming allowances and expenses.

  3. I was present in the Public Gallery and was amazed by the answer given to Cllr Maney by Cllr John Kent regarding the continued absence of Cllr Kiely. Cllr Kent’s answer that he had spoken to Cllr Kiely earlier that day and that he could assure Cllr Maney that Cllr Kiely was “in good spirits” reveals a stunning complacency and a complete lack of leadership in his handling of the “recalcitrantt” Cllr Kiely. I bet he [Cllr Kiely] is in “good spirits” when all he has to do to ensure his £8000 p.a allowance plus expenses is to make an appearance twice a year and give the “impression” that he is performing the duties and obligations expected of a Councillor. Mr Kiely contrives to make matters worse by showing a complete disregard for common courtesy by failing to tender his apologies for his absence and I assume he gives no valid reason for his absence as no member of the Labour Group seems prepared to tender an apology on his behalf. Mr “Wiley” Kiely is making a “two finger” gesture to the Council, his fellow Councillors, his Labour colleagues but above all to those people of South Ockendon who voted for him. Cllr John Kent is the Leader of the Council so I suggest he demonstrate some leadership qualities by withdrawing the Labour Group’s support for Kiely and instead of defending him make his disapproval abundantly clear.
    The Labour Group,debating a Conservative motion were defeated probably because of the absence of Cllr Kiely, need to be aware that it could have so easily been a motion of “no confidence in the Labour Administration which, whilst not neccessarily causing a change of Administration, would be extremely embarrassing.
    Who will rid us of this troublesome Councillor?

  4. I’m no great lover of politics!

    However, the labour party are stuck in a hole, it they kick him out they loose an extra Councillor from labour which creates likely an in balance.

    My suggestion which would unlikely get anywhere would to replace him with another labour person. perhaps the recent person they put forward for Ockendon elections. Perhaps this will improve the relationships with the locals.

    its should be a whole lot better than no one showing at all.

  5. Just been informed of this persons latest “tweets” and he is condeming the fact tha Hamza has been deported, does anyone else in Ockendon think his comments are innappropriate?


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