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From Obama to Thurrock to Manchester: What Polly has learned from the Democrats

A FEW WEEKS AGO, Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Thurrock, Polly Billington went to work at the Democratic Party Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

When we met with Polly to discuss what she had learned from the experience, this reporter thought we might chat about some of the beauties of North Carolina such as Asheville, Wilmington etc. We thought wrong.

Polly said: “This was no holiday. As a volunteer working at the convention, it was very long days and back to the mini-bus to the premier inn.”

What was important was what Polly saw from the speeches of Barack Obama and indeed Michelle Obama and what they meant to Thurrock.

Polly said: “It was interesting to see how president Obama intervened to help General Motors. Millions were injected to support the ailing car plants.

“I contrasted what happened there to the lack of intervention and help given to the Petroplus plant at Coryton.

“It re-inforced why we want to see a change in the bankruptcy laws.

This week, Thurrock Labour Conference have tabled a motion which states:

“Conference notes that currently there is no obligation for administrators to consider the national significance of infrastructure in such cases and resolves that Labour will explore changing the rules in this regard. Conference also resolves that Labour in government will develop an active industrial strategy to safeguard the national energy infrastructure and ensure we have the manufacturing capacity that makes the country fit for a strong and prosperous economic future.”

Polly and a number of Thurrock Labour are now in Manchester and it will be interesting to see what messages they bring back from conference.


  1. This woman is totally ignorant of the state of the US finances. They are currently running a deficit upwards of 16 Trillion dollars, that’s right, 16 TRILLION! That’s the kind of deficit you get when you keep spending money you don’t have. We should thank Polly for highlighting, yet again, the fiscal incompetence of the Labour Party.

  2. Couldn’t have put it better myself Gray64, just what planet do these Labour Party members think they are living on? they have totally forgotten the state they left the country in after their poor handling of the economy during their time in government.

    It will be interesting to hear what Milliband and Balls have to say at their conference as so far the silence from them both on how they will deal with the deficit has been deafening, they seem to have very little clue on what they would do differently, Milliband comes across as such a weak leader I certainly have no faith in him or his party do do anything different that what the ConDem are doing.

  3. Oh come my Tory friends. You are getting so boring and predictable.
    Same old comments…..its all Labour’s fault, on and on.
    Just remember, no one will bother to read your blogs if you keep on every time!

  4. So, jmw118, ignore party allegiances for a second and let us know if you think that even more borrowing/spending is a good thing or not and just how big a deficit do you think is too big? For the record, I think the Government is still spending way too much money and should cut back more than it has already (which is not much at all).

  5. gray64. Public deficit has been a global problem for many years now. I admit Labour made it worse under Brown by over-using their big credit card, but what country doesn’t. The USA, Japan, Ireland, and a lot more are in the same boat as us. There are only a handful of countries that have a surplus in the world.
    We should stop all foreign aid payments, withdraw our troops from Afganistan, and concentrate on creating new jobs to improve the tax income.
    Oh, and yes more tax from the super rich.
    I think also that cutting benifits etc., will only pull us further down by creating more crime.

  6. jmw118, please do not put me in the Tory bracket, I hold no allegiance to any of the main parties, all of them talk utter b*****x and are only in it for themselves, and yes the state of the current economy is down to the last Labour administration and any Labour supporter who fails to see this is suffering form selective amnesia.

    I agree with your comments about stopping foreign aid and withdrawing troops from Afganistan, both things that Labour would not do nor would the Tories as neither of the parties have the balls to do it.

    Just seen that the main crux of the Labour Party conference speech from Mr Balls(up) is to build more housing to kick start the economy, this will have very little impact at all, he stated that whilst people are sitting on the dole there is no money coming in which is pretty rich from the party that almost doubled the welfare state budget.

  7. I agree, pulling out of Afghanistand and cutting foreign aid should be priorities but, as Lambo says, none of the main parties would dare to do it. Hang on… Here’s a scary thought, there appears to be a conscensus of opinion on YT! That’s a rare beast indeed!

  8. Who paid for this wonderful holiday to the States? This is a great way to show you’re in touch with Thurrock…

  9. I’m still searching for the link between this visit to the States and Thurrock. Maybe Obama discussed the building of thousands of homes on green belt land or perhaps the state of Grays town centre?

    I do agree with everyone else on withdrawing troops, cutting foreign aid (to 0) and sorting out the tax system. The more money we get to keep the more we spend which benefits the economy much more than people being taxed more and then saving what they do get.

  10. How about we give every person earning a million pounds a cheque for £40,ooo next April and reduce council tax benefit by 20 percent for lowest earners whilst also raising train fares by an average of 7 percent. We could also have a bedroom tax to ensure we keep people on their toes and don’t get comfortable in their homes. Oh. It’s already in the pipe line thanks mr. Cameron

  11. Or we could spend hundreds of billions we don’t have and then leave pernicious comments on YourThurrock. It’s the socialist way!

    Loving how there have been next to no comments on YT while the labourites have all been at conference. Revealing.

  12. It was the democrats that got the USA in the crap to start with by guaranteeing mortgages for people that couldn’t afford them. Not surprising that labour are taking advice from them. I find it amazing the amount of envy people have towards other people who have been lucky enough to make lots of money. Here’s an idea, why dont we stick a 99% tax on lottery winners and anyone who earns more than £100,000. Or better still on everyone that earns more than £40,000. That would really solve all our problems and Labour voters would love it. How easy it is to forget that Labour introduced the formula for fare increases on public transport.

  13. The Coalition has exempted pensioners from their council tax and housing benefit reforms so those of working age get a bigger cut.

    A serious and adult debate needs to be had on some of the benefits paid to pensioners. Should free bus passes and winter fuel allowances be means tested? Is it right some pensioers with hundreds of thousands of cash savings under AIP rules get pension credit and all their rent and council tax paid?


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