Saturday, March 2, 2024

X Factor Janet: 15,000 views and rising: How our youtube channels works

MANY OF YOU may turn to but may not know that we have a dedicated youtube channel called

The channel now hosts over 4,000 films made by the YourThurrock team.

There are many people who go straight to that channel.The channels get around 1500 views a day on their own. When you aggregate that with the average of 80,000 page views on the main site and the 3,400 followers on twitter, that is a lot of people looking in on Thurrock.

At the moment the most watched film appears to be Janet Devlin at T Fest which since published on June 2nd of this year has garnered some 15,000 views!

How many views it will have by next years T Fest is anyone’s guess but it does help to promote the Thurrock Council event.

Indeed, we were very pleased when a new teacher at the Gateway Academy told us that he had looked up the film of the Open Evening in 2011 when thinking about applying for the job.

We have a large number of people who comment on the main site and we also have many people that use the youtube channel to make comments as opposed to the Your Thurrock page.

Films from four years ago, get comments. Whether it be a circus in Orsett (Yasmin Smart) or comments on Richard Digance’s jumper!

Even in four years, youtube has come a long way. Now that we have playlists, we are able to organise some films as playlists or like video jukeboxes. It basically gives the company or organisation their own youtube channel!

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) will be coming soon. That means channels like our youtube channel or indeed YourThurrock can sit there next to BBC1 and Sky. The opportunities are exciting but also indicate how the telecommunications and news industries are changing so quickly.

Here’s Janet……..


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