Thursday, May 30, 2024

Health care professionals help avoid unnecessary hospital admissions

LOCAL NHS health and social care professionals showcased how they are helping adults and older people in Thurrock avoid unnecessary hospital admissions at an event on Thursday 20th September at Thurrock Day Hospital.

GPs from across Thurrock were invited to hear presentations from South West Essex Community Services and Social Care at Thurrock Council on how they are working together to provide intermediate care to adults and older people.

Intermediate care services strive to provide care to patients in the community with the aim of managing care in their own home or in a community setting. This helps to reduce unnecessary admission to hospital or long-term residential care.

The event formed a key part of local engagement with the new Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), highlighting improvements to intermediate health and social care services for adults and older people.

Michelle Stapleton, director of adult services for South West Essex Community Services, said:

“This event was very exciting, and demonstrated how partnership working between South West Essex Community Services and social care at Thurrock Council can enable more patients to be cared for at home.

By bringing a range of stakeholders together, such as health and social care providers, we are able to talk about the priorities for adults and older people and how we are working towards making a greater difference for the people we all serve.”

Tania Sitch, Adult Social Care manager for Thurrock Council, said:

“It was great to see services come together and see real evidence of improvements for people who use services. This was also an opportunity to celebrate the new initiatives and services that been jointly developed.”


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