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Blogpost: Down your way with Danny

This week, Danny’s friend has a screw loose……

All opinions, bloggers own….

I was walking down Foyle Drive South Ockendon, when I stopped to talk with a old friend of mine, I asked him what he thought about all the rumblings about Morrison. He said that he had waited to have a faulty toilet system fitted back onto the toilet wall, as the screws holding against the wall had become loose, and fell out and the 1/2″ inch water pipe was all that held onto the wall, he said that it took Morrison’s eight weeks to arrive to fix it, the first man that arrived to fix it, stood there and took photos of the system on his mobile phone and said it needed replacing urgently, but he couldn’t do the repair or replacement toilet system, two weeks later we were told that, we were on a priority list, and they would ring us and let us know what time and when.

In the mean time I visited a meeting about Morrison’s at the Forum centre in Derwent Parade South Ockendon, to discuss with the management of Morrison what was happening, and why every repair was such a bloody shambles, he said that it was all down to the Thurrock councils switchboard, who didnt pass on the correct information to the correct department in Morrison head offices.

I told him about my problem he took my name and address, and said that he would make sure that we got a new toilet system, it felt like I got a apple and a pat on the head, I asked why it took over an hour to get through to Morrison even on the free phones, then the information never got through, and when it did the wrong men were sent out such as a electrician was sent out for a roofing problem, or a gas fitter for a plumbing job, which was happening all the time, I even spoke to the lady councillor who has the portfolio for housing she also promised everything, and gave nothing, the huddle of local councillor’s were also doing the same giving out promises but doing nothing to help matters, nothing new there then, three more weeks went passed when, a knock on the door a man stood at the door with a large brown parcel, and a broad smile, he said that he had come to fit the new toilet system , when he unpacked the box, it was obvious that it was the wrong toilet system, he said he would go back and get another one, I ask him to make sure its the right one this time, one week later he again arrived with another correct toilet system, he duly started his task of removing the old system from the wall, once he had taken the 1/2″ inch water pipe away it fell onto the floor with a crash, we had water everywhere, he said good job its a wet room, I said it bloody well is now, he was there about thirty minutes, and after alot of banging and cursing, he left saying there you are.

That night the down pipe from the toilet system started to leak onto the floor, every time we flushed the toilet, and the sieve inside the system was facing the wrong way so was chucking water through the lid and down the sides of the system onto the floor, we called the TBC on the free phone, telling them that we had serious problems with the toilet system, they said it had only just been replaced, and couldn’t be leaking again so soon!, four days later after repeated calls to the council on the famous free phone, taking at least thirty minutes every time we called, we were told that it wasnt an emergency as it was only dripping?, what!, eventually they sent somebody out, who knew what he was doing for once, he said that he hadnt seen a bodged job like it for years, it had been installed incorrectly, with the wrong down pipe, and it hadnt been fixed to the wall correctly, and the water inlet valve was facing the wrong way causing the water to flood the floor when the system was filling up, he finished the job properly, and even cleaned up afterwards, not like his other colleages who just left everything where it fell.

When I left my friend I walked through Fortin Close just off of Foyle Drive, there are a collection of specially adapted bungalows, I noticed that after several years that every pavement is uneven, and there are many places where the residents can trip on roots that are lifting the surface of the paths, the little car park for two cars, as several large bumps in the surface caused by the tree roots, it wont be long before, one of these dangerous trees undermines one of the bungalows, or falls on top of one of them during a gale force wind, the place is a warren of small paths leading to each bungalow, there front gardens which are well tended, have some knee height wooden fencing, which as now rotted away exposing sharp nails and rusting metal work, the timber is also falling apart, and in several places you have to walk on the grass areas to avoid the over growing hedging, I also noticed that they have at last, repainted the Yellow lines outside the Somers Heath Primary School in Fortin Close, but it hasnt stopped the parents parking their cars on the pavements and on the Zig Zag lines outside the school entrance, I suppose its just bad habits and bad manners, because they are obstructing the footpaths and peoples driveways to their homes, still I dont suppose they could care less, as they don’t live here, I bet they would be up in arms if people parked outside their homes and blocked their driveways, the residents also on a regular basis pick up the parents and their childrens rubbish that they casually discard onto the footpaths and road outside the school.

Walking back along Foyle Drive, I noticed that the brick surrounds to the two large trees at the rear of the bungalows in Fortin Close, are broken and are falling down, because the trees are out growing them, thats another tripping zone for some elderly person, there are several cars parking on the footpath on a regular footing, because the residents have no where else for them to park the cars safely, but they are putting down grease and oil stains and cracking the surface of the footpaths, I cross over the road into Fairham Avenue and into Dilkes Park I saw that the old Oak trees are dying back, and most of the upper branches are dead, and are falling onto the grass below, some are quite large and could cause a injury, if they strike somebody, who do you talk to about the problem, I just hope its not Morrison.

I noticed that the contractors are putting childrens swings inside the Paddling pool area, they will be a great feature during the summer holidays, I hope they keep the dogs out of the area, by keeping it locked during the winter months.

For the council to install a private contractor to take over all the council house repairs without putting in place a get out clause beggars belief, specially as this company is grossly incompetent, they havent got a clue when it comes to who is being sent to where and why and what for, when a plumber arrives to install electric cable or lighting to a property, or when a gas fitter arrives to install a new toilet system, its utter madness its a wonder that nobody as been killed, by these bungling amateurs, and all the person who is responsible for housing policy, can say is we will get it right the next time, by then thousands of our pounds will have been spent on a company that it isn’t for purpose,get rid of them they are bloody cowboys and not time served tradesmen like the ones the council got rid of, we never had all this stupidity when the council had their own work force, and who knew what to do, when they arrived at residents doors, to carry out repairs, they were all time served apprentices in their trade.


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