Thursday, July 25, 2024

Council put new car-sharing scheme into gear

What would you do with an extra thousand pounds a year?

That is how much it is estimated a typical commuter would save if they car-share to work.

Travel Thurrock – the Thurrock Council, Department of Transport scheme – has set up a new car-sharing scheme designed to help reduce daily travel costs while also cutting CO2 emissions.

The scheme is totally free to use and enables people to find others “going your way”, so the journey can be shared.

People can either take turns driving, offer someone a lift (in exchange for a contribution to the fuel costs) or look for someone to give them a lift.

Once registered, the account can be accessed from work or home, making searching as convenient as possible. It also enables people to search for car share opportunity from a nationwide database.

Discover just how much money you could save by car-sharing by signing up and finding a car-share companion or two. Go to


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