Saturday, July 13, 2024

Parents applaud warmth and professionalism of St Clere’s Open Evening

AT EACH open evening, there seems to be a unique selling point that each school possesses. It doesn’t happen overnight and although it seems to be part of the schools DNA, it is nurtured and developed over many years.

Last year, as a parent was leaving St Clere’s Open Evening, they told YT that it was the personal touch from the staff, the interaction with prospective parents, which was going to persuade them to put the Butts Lane school at the top of their form. (Yes, their daughter is now in year seven).

This years open evening was no exception. Headteacher, Ashlie Hughes is always so proud of her school and made a stirring speech to the assembled parents as did head boy, Ollie Lawson.

Full details of applications can be found at the Thurrock Council website.


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