Friday, February 23, 2024

Aveley community slam Tories for “claiming credit” for their work

BACK IN April, the key motivating factor for a number of candidates in Aveley standing at the local elections was their annoyance that local Tory councillors were seen as “claiming credit” for the work undertaken by the local community.

It was certainly what seemed to motivate the chair of the Aveley Community Forum, rev. Alan Field to stand and it was also concern of the UKIP candidate (and now councillor) Robert Ray.

Indeed, some saw it as one of the factors that led to Mr Ray winning the seat.

So, the community are now up in arms again at a press release issued by the Tories which detailed the “help” that cllrs Maureen Pearce and Wendy Herd gave to the proposed installation of tennis courts and a bike track.

Rev Field said: “I am speaking as a individual and not as chair but there has been a lot of work completed by a host of organisations to get these funds released.

“I would have thought the least they could do was recognise that.”

UKIP councillor for Aveley and Uplands, cllr Robert Ray believes that many residents don’t want money spent on the bike track.

Cllr Ray said: “I have been knocking on the doors of many people and the feedback I have received is that they would rather see improvements made to the village hall.

“A wide variety of organisations can and would use the hall, including youngsters.”

It is understood that over 400 letters have been sent to the council from Aveley residents concerned at where the money may be spent.

Community leaders and councillors are also questioning why so much money, provided by developers, has been sitting in the council coffers for, allegedly, a number of years.


  1. So Mr is-he-a-reverend-isnt-he-a-reverend is upset he doesn’t get any credit, runs for council, is eventually 4th popular in a poll, and is now… still upset he doesn’t get any credit. And all of a sudden he has morphed, as if by magic, into “the community”, or so says YT.

    Meanwhile, the councilor for the old grey people’s party, has been speaking to old grey people, and found they would prefer money spent on the old grey person’s village hall. Cllr Ray and his supporters are among the first people to complain when young people congregate on street corners, nice of him to be so consistent when the idea of giving them something to do is raised.

    The jockeying for the next election has begun, and yet the Tories quietly get on with improving Aveley. Good show ladies.


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