Friday, December 8, 2023

Nicki’s Blog: A moving experience

We welcome our newest blogger, Nicky Mosely, who today reflects on moving home.

You can find all Nicky’s blogs on her website.

Our penultimate weekend is here

Thank crunchie it’s Friday!

Must admit, I don’t have the Friday ‘feeling’ this morning probably because I know my rock and roll night consists of more packing. It’s getting serious now too as this is our last proper weekend in the flat (sob!) which means serious, ruthless, HARDCORE packing must be done. We need to pack the majority of clothes so therfore need to work out what we will wear next week in order to get properly sorted (I guess kinda like you do when you go on holiday only with no beach or sunshine….booo). Packing summer clothes will obviously be the best option first off seeing as the weather is meant to be a bit miserable for the time being! We also need to pack most of the kitchen (that means boring dinners this next week then) all our pictures and clocks and anything else hanging around.

I know I will feel quite melancholy this weekend as it’s our very last bit of relaxation / downtime within those four walls before a week of working, packing and then eventually moving. Patrick isn’t sad to leave the flat at all despite the memories which I have come to realise this week is definitely a man thing after a conversation with family about the subject over a curry one night. I will be fine once I have closed the door for the last time, got to our new house and start unpacking. The excitemant of new furniture, decorating ideas and settling in will soon distract me. I’m not sad we are moving but leaving our first home together is the end of an era. (Think Patrick was more sad when we sold the Mercedes earlier this year!)

Anyway, I don’t want to sound as though I am getting all sentimental and soppy. I am looking forward to the weekend very much as always. Night in with hubby tonight (am ignoring the packing element) Tomorrow I have lunch with mummy, coffee in town with a friend and then for the last time my upstairs wife (my best friend who moved into a flat upstairs) is coming down for some drinks, a film and a catch up! Sunday we are going to take one last stroll down the road to our favourite local cafe for brekkie then finish any packing we need to and spend the rest of the day watching films.

I can’t wait!!


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