Monday, March 4, 2024

Police op targets scrap metal thieves

POLICE stopped and checked more than 60 vehicles during an operation to improve road safety and reduce alcohol smuggling and scrap metal theft.

Officers from the Essex Police Casualty Reduction and Commercial Vehicle units led the operation on Thursday, October 11 to target suspect cars, vans and HGVs on the M25, A13 and other main roads in Thurrock.

Intercepted vehicles were taken to the coach park at MOTO services, off the M25, where vehicles and their loads were checked by police, VOSA vehicle examiners, and officers from Thurrock Council, HM Customs, the Department of Work and Pensions and British Transport Police.

A total of 63 vehicles were stopped and checked: ten cars; 25 vans and 28 heavy goods vehicles.

As part of the scrap metal checks 17 vehicles connected to the scrap metal trade were investigated and 10 licensing offences and six roadworthiness offences were detected.

A total of 76 HGV driver infringements and 10 driver hours’ offences were detected.

Six vehicles were seized for being uninsured, another car was seized after the driver was arrested after he was found to have been disqualified and various other motoring offences were discovered.

Fines totalling £4,680 were issued.

Customs officials seized three vans found to contain smuggled alcohol, 26 people were interviewed by Work and Pensions officers and two have been reported to Inland Revenue.


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