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Doyle-Price praises candidates for police elections

THURROCK MP, Jackie Doyle-Price rose on the floor of the House to praise the candidates for police commissioner in November’s election.

Ms Doyle-Price said: “If she (Home Sec) will make a statement on her departmental responsibilities.”

Theresa May (Home Secretary; Maidenhead, Conservative)

“If I may, I should like to take this opportunity to pay my respects formally to PC Nicola Hughes and PC Fiona Bone. The brutal murder of those two young officers shocked me and, I am sure, the whole House and the whole country. Our police officers face dangers every day, and they do so with bravery and professionalism. Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone were dedicated public servants. For their dedication they paid the ultimate price, and we owe them the greatest of debts. I am sure I speak for the whole House when I say that our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with the families of those two dedicated officers.

Jackie Doyle-Price (Thurrock, Conservative)

“I am sure the whole House will wish to associate itself with my right hon. Friend’s comments about those two police officers.

“In the county of Essex, we are fortunate to be blessed with some distinguished candidates for the new role of police and crime commissioner. Will my right hon. Friend join me in urging all electors across Essex to cast their vote in that important election so that whoever is successful has a genuine democratic mandate to do the job?

Theresa May (Home Secretary; Maidenhead, Conservative)

“I am grateful to my hon. Friend. I have met the Conservative PCC candidate for Essex, Nick Alston. He is an excellent candidate, and I know that he will be out there taking that message through the streets of the towns and villages of Essex.

“My hon. Friend is right that these are important elections that will enable people to elect directly somebody who will be their voice in local policing. I urge everybody to exercise their vote on 15 November.”


  1. Jackie, let’s hope Nick Elston has a better understanding of the mere plebs oops sorry the police of Essex than your parliamentary party’s chief whip Andrew Mitchell who has still yet to be condemned by your PM you or your party. So please keep blowing it out of where the sun don’t shine.

  2. 1) You mean Nick Alston
    2) Mr Cameron has said “what happened was wrong, it shouldn’t have happened and must never happen again” which seems like a condemnation

  3. hot press, I could level the same argument about Milliband and his lack of any punishment towards Dianne Abbot for her racist outbursts on twitter or even against Thurrocks own Scarlet Pimpernel Cllr Kielly??

  4. Whether the whip should or shouldn’t be there is a different issue. I was just correcting your errors.

    There are a million and one more important things than who is or isn’t the whip

  5. 1) You mean Nick Alston
    2) Mr Cameron has said “what happened was wrong, it shouldn’t have happened and must never happen again” which seems like a condemnation

    Firstly Lam I am not defending Cllr Kielly and have no wish to do so. As for you Mr Shirt the inaction of the Tory party in dealing with the chief whip of the Tory party is utterly discusting to any law abiding tax paying citizen or any one with any morals in this country. If this was an ordinary person or in Tory Terms pleb who had sworn at the police And threatened them we all can assume what the outcome would have been. What is good enough for everybody else should be good enough for him he should be made accountable. If he is suggesting the police are lying then everyone who these officers have arrested in the past and convicted should be given the opportunity of have their cases reviewed this is why it is important the whip should resign immediately

  6. These MP’s do like releasing plenty of air when they rise to the floor. Perhaps that’s why the general public have to sit behind perspex screens to protect them against excessive amounts of wind.

  7. All MPs are prone to make mistakes just like everybody else. I don’t think we expect them to get everything right all the time. I think what winds people up is when some MPs do something wrong its takes them a good while to apologise. The Tories have had it with Mitchell while Labour have had it with Ms Abbott, Cllr Kielys heroine. If you say something stupid, apologise, sound sincere and do something to rectify the matter such as stepping down if need be. As for Andrew Mitchell, I cannot say he’s one of my favourite Tory MPs anyway. I went off him the moment he defended our dreadful foreign aid budget. It goes without saying, I cannot stand Diane Abbot either who sits at the top of my list of hypocritical Labour MPs.

    As for the above debate, I’d prefer the Home Secretary should be busying herself with the shocking backlog of asylum cases or the like that Labour left on her desk in 2010 but understand her wanting to give support to the police candidates.


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