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Action needed on “Obesity time bomb” in Thurrock

AN NHS report has highlighted the disturbing levels of obesity in Thurrock.

In a report by the head of health improvement in NHS South Essex, Debbie Maynard, the report stresses the obesity hotspots in the borough and a series of programmes to combat it.

The report states that “The prevalence of obese adults in Thurrock is significantly higher than the national and East of England average.

11.1% of children in reception year (aged 4-5) are obese. More worryingly, 25.4% of year 6 students are obese.

These figures are the highest in the East of England.

The report goes on to detail weight management services to support the promotion including a healthy start voucher scheme to support increase in consumption of fruit and vegetables.

The report also goes onto detail a number of reasons for obesity in Thurrock including genetic disposition and cultural environment.

The areas with the highest levels of obesity include Tilbury where 33% of the adults are obese.

But as a resident pointed out to YT today: “There must be ten take away shops from Tilbury fire station to the Tilbury railway station.

There are 16,731 people in Thurrock on the obesity register.

o tackle these and help improve the lives of our residents we need to uncover the reasons why people are obese, why they smoke and what together we could do to help. In Thurrock, smoking is one of the biggest causes of early deaths and obesity levels are high in both adults and children.

Thurrock has launched a consultation to seek the views and experiences and people in the borough to uncover the issues and ultimately tackle the problem.

Thurrock Council’s Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care and Health, and Chair of Thurrock’s Health and Well-Being Board Councillor Barbara Rice said: “The stark reality is that obese children become obese adults who may expect to die earlier than their parents. If we are to successfully tackle these two issues we need to understand the reasons behind them.

“The greatest levels of smoking and obesity are in Thurrock’s most deprived areas, and so reducing smoking and obesity levels will also help to reduce levels of poor health and inequalities. By working together we can help reduce and prevent smoking and help people maintain a healthy weight”

The consultation runs until 7 December. To fill out the short questionnaire visit and click on consultations.


  1. Thurrock is fast becoming a fast food outlet mecca, just take a trip into Grays Town Center and you will see more restaurants/takeaways opening up, add to this the lack of investment from TBC in the open spaces where children can play and run then this is a recipe for obesity, however, this is not just a Thurrock problem but a UK wide one.

  2. Admittedly Thurrock has a lot less takeaways than some places and Lambos right about this being a UK wide issue.

  3. You beat me to it Lambo,perhaps if the Council stopped giving the go ahead for
    the opening of fast food outlets then that might go some way to reducing the levels of obesity in the Borough.On the other hand it is up to the individual to make a concious effort to eat a more balnced diet!

    I fear the situation wil get worse however when the new college opens in the town,methinks there will be another increase in fast food outlets opening which will only exacerbate the problem.

  4. Food is relative inexpensive but getting dearer (but with Weather this year you may be giving brussels as a present at Christmas) but many people do not want to cook and it seems many young people do not know how to cook. However, what is cheap is not always good for you. More recipes and package health warnings on public display. Sadly if the Council started subsidising / paying for Gyms there would be an outburst from bloggers and Council Tax payers. Most people do not want to pay for Old Age care let alone for those who are obese. Thus the Obesity time bomb will continue to tick and will explode. Poverty and lack of employment equals obesity. Food banks are now nationwide – third world Britain but still Fat!


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