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Purge of the primary school parkers to start as CCTV car gets green light

INCONSIDERATE parents parking their vehicles illegally outside of schools will be in for a shock soon.

Thurrock Council’s cabinet unanimously supported a plan for a six-month pilot scheme to operate a CCTV safety car in the borough at its meeting on Wednesday (17 October).

Although the safety car will be used for a range of parking issues around the borough, it will concentrate on parking outside schools and illegally parked lorries.

After the meeting, Cllr Angie Gaywood, portfolio holder for public protection, said: “The safety of children is one of our main priorities – and the issue of parents parking dangerously in and around schools is something that really saddens me.

“I understand the pressures on working parents to get their children to and from school on time, but it is not an excuse to put children’s safety at risk and consistently park illegally with total disregard for others.

“Our civil enforcement officers already work hard, but they can’t be everywhere all of the time.

“Now we are giving people fair warning. The CCTV safety car will be visiting every school on a regular basis and if you’ve parked illegally, you’ll be getting a ticket in the post – a minimum £35 for each offence or £75 if you delay payment.”

The council currently issues parking tickets at the time of the offence and attaches them to the vehicle causing the offence, but with the safety car, the tickets will be sent out by post.

Cllr Gaywood added: “For many years we have been working with Thurrock’s primary schools to encourage parents and children to walk to school, but if others park irresponsibly and dangerously on the Keep Clear and yellow line parking restrictions or on the pavements, it undermines our efforts.

“This is not only inconsiderate to local residents but often we see that the emergency services would not be able to gain easy access to the school if needed, and children attempting to cross the road are having to step between parked cars into the road to see if the way is clear.

“We have been considering the introduction of a CCTV safety car for some time, but there were concerns about the long-term costs. Here we are looking at a six-month pilot which should be self-funding. It’s a win-win situation – increased safety at schools at little or no cost to the council tax payer.”


  1. this has been a long time coming and action has been needed for a while, some parents just do not think about safety when dropping off their children at schools, indeed some parents could even walk their children rather than driving less that half a mile away.

    I really hope that this camera car is effective and those inconsiderate drives are bought to book for flouting the law

  2. I hope they don’t only issue the fines to cars parking on the Keep Clear or zig-zag lines. Cars parked blocking the pavement, blocking residents drives, on blind bends should also be included. And it would be good if they could include parents and grandparents cars reversing out of staff car parks, across the pathway of those walking to school. If the camera picked up parents pulling up and instructing their children to get out into the road (as opposed to onto the pavement/verge) , would there be any action taken?

  3. More pupils now go to schools which are not within walking distance, but ironically many parents who could accompany their children walking to school don’t feel they can, because all the cars make it dangerous. Thereby adding to the problem…….


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