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Thurrock African Group to celebrate Black History Month

THURROCK African Group is celebrating the Black History Month 2012 in partnership with Thurrock Council staff BME Forum.

The event on Saturday October 27th is from 6pm to 10pm at the Thameside Theatre in Grays is open to the public, and will showcase cultural presentations / activities including music performances, dance and speeches.

Tickets are on sale @ £5 a seat.

Please contact Rosemary Ajuwon on 07956 036454 or email info@thurrockafricangroup to reserve your ticket.


  1. These types of events are exactly the reason why Labour’s wonderful multiculturalism and social cohesion do not exist in this country. These people deliberately set themselves apart from the rest of the community and then wonder why the general public find them arrogant and unwilling to join the rest of society. They come to this country, take everything it has to offer but continually bang on about their history as though it’s something above and more important than them learning the history and cultures of the country they chose to move to. It’s almost as though they are say that they don’t care what the history and cultural norms of this country are,. They are going to carry on in their own way, follow their own rules, and celebrate themselves and if we don’t like it then tough. With attitudes like that, they shouldn’t be surprised by the reactions they get.

  2. Black History Month has little to do with the black community. It was an invention of the Labour party in the late 80s (under Kinnock) as a way to keep the West Indian vote (as the African vote was much smaller back then) onside during that time and not deserting the party for Thatcher. Labour talked this up so much, particularly in places like Hackney and Lambeth that when they finally came to power a decade later they had to introduce this nonsense. It has very little to do with history, which is not something that can be defined by race, but more to do with keeping voters happy. This is similar to Labour increasing the welfare bill over the past decade. They knew it was unsustainable but they did it anyway. So long as those people who were trapped on welfare continuously provided Labour with their vote. Thankfully Thurrock Council does not ram it down people’s throats like some London boroughs although I see no reason for this non event to be celebrated at all. Hillingdon Council has led the way in dropping all talk of Black History Month.

    I also hope that this BME forum which acts within the council is not paid for through taxpayers money and the staff members who form part of this forum are volunteers.


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