Friday, April 12, 2024

Fire tears through leisure centre in Tilbury

FIREFIGHTERS were fighting a large fire at a unoccupied former leisure centre in Tilbury.

Crews were called there at just after 5pm on Saturday afternoon to the sealed off centre in Anchorfield.

Police soon sealed off the area and the emergency evacuation team were assembled at the Gateway Academy in case houses need to be evacuated.

On arrival the officer in charge reported that the building – which is 40 by 20 metres and has two storeys – had a fire in the upper floor.

It was later reported that around 50% of the building was involved in the fire and the remainder of the building heavily smoke logged.

Update: At 17:33hrs the officer in charge reported that were tackling the fire using two main jets and two hose reel jets.

Update 18:24hrs: A number of homes near the building have been evacuated because of smoke from the fire. The officer in charge reports that 50% of the building is still alight.

The fire is now being tackled on multiple fronts and crews are using two hose reel jets, two main jets and a ground monitor (an unmanned jet) to tackle the fire.

Firefighting operations are being hampered by poor water supplies.

A four pump relief is set to take over at the scene at 19:00hrs.

A full investigation will be carried out to establish the cause of the fire.

Update 20:20hrs: The fire is now extinguished. Crews used two main jets, two hose reel jets and a ground monitor to tackle the blaze.

A full investigation will now be carried out to establish the cause of the fire.



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