Friday, March 1, 2024

Top Tory probes Grangewaters Outdoor Ed accounts

IT ONLY SEEMS like a few months ago, that veteran Tory councillor, Mike Revell was questioning the accounts for T-Fest.

The Orsett councillor was not happy then and he is not happy now as he feels he has been given the “runaround” over the accounts for Grangewaters Outdoor Education Centre in South Ockendon.

Speaking at a full council meeting, cllr Revell held in his hand a piece of paper.

Cllr Revell said: “I asked for details of the accounts of Grangewaters a few weeks ago. I have checked my e-mail over the last three to four weeks but nothing.

“This evening, I am given this single sheet of paper. This old man, will need to go home, get a magnifying glass to read it. This will not do.”


  1. Mike revell wants to think himself lucky he’s not a member of the public like me, where he could be waiting five months for this information similar to this, even with freedom of information . Stop moaning you Norman Tebet look alike!

  2. Or… the council could actually sort the problem out so that you and Cllr Revell both get useful, accurate information in a sensible timeframe?


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