Thursday, July 25, 2024

Finnish, Polish, Yoruba, Vietnamese..all at Grays Convent

Finnish, Polish, Yoruba, Vietnamese …. Some of the 25 languages we celebrated in Grays Convent High School today.

On the occasion of European Day of Languages, Grays Convent, Language College since 2006 embraces learning about languages spoken in its community.

Year 11 Language Ambassador Students, Megan, Katherine and Kira helped year 7, 8 and 9 to prepare presentations to teach their own languages to their class. Kira, Language Ambassador said “Taking part in language day opened my eyes to the amount of languages and diversity in my school. I really enjoyed getting to know about the girls and their different cultural backgrounds as well as helping them communicate their language to their classmates.”

Two ex- pupils, Beth Winslow and Rachel de Guzman came back to school with their teachers from Palmers College to talk to year 9 and year 10 about opportunities of learning languages at College and University.,
At Lunchtime, a themed menu was served in the canteen and a year 11 student, Joy started a sign language club.

Keisha in year 9 took part in the morning talk and taught Yoruba to her peers, said about the experience: “Multi-cultural day benefits all students because it is a day where all students use their language lessons to learn other languages which are maybe not taught in school. For example, this year people taught Yoruba culture, German culture and Lithuanian culture. Everyone benefits from it as the whole class learn a bit of the language”.


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