Saturday, December 2, 2023

Port of Tilbury throws lifeline to Gravesend to Tilbury ferry

THE FUTURE of the Gravesend to Tilbury Passenger Ferry has been secured for a further 12 months following the injection of a further £20,000 of support from the Port of Tilbury.

This is the third year that the Port of Tilbury has provided financial support for the ferry, which is viewed as an important link between the north and south banks of the River Thames and is the last publicly accessible crossing before the Thames reaches the sea. It is estimated that as many as 90 employees of the Port of Tilbury and its tenants make the crossing each day to work at the Port.

The Gravesend to Tilbury Ferry makes at least 25 return crossings, six days a week, carrying up to 100 passengers per trip. It is a popular route with passengers travelling from north of the river to work at the Port of Tilbury and for people crossing southbound to shop in Gravesend.

The ferry is operated by the Lower Thames and Medway Passenger Boat Company, contracted to Kent County Council and Thurrock Council.. The Port of Tilbury further supports the service through the provision of the passenger landing stage on the north side of the River Thames, a berth for the ferry and the provision of car parking for passengers.

The Port of Tilbury is providing the support as part of its extensive community involvement programme. Perry Glading, Chief Operating Officer at Forth Ports Limited which owns the Port, said:

“The Gravesend to Tilbury Ferry is a historic link between Essex and Kent and its part of our DNA here at the Port of Tilbury, with historic references suggesting that there has been a ferry of some sort since as far back as the 16th Century. Nowadays it’s an important communications link for residents on both sides of the Thames, helping to reduce commuter traffic on the often congested Dartford Crossing. Here at the Port of Tilbury we are delighted to support the ferry crossing and to maintain this important link.”


  1. I thought that Thurrock and Kent Councils had a legal obligation to financially support this ferry because of some Royal decree?

  2. One of the most important pedestrian routes across the Thames,an sadly it has been left to decline. Lower Thames regeneration over the last 20 years has been a joke – where has the 106 Community money go in Tilbury and Gravesend shores?


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