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Stranded Hurricane Sandy victim enraged after Thurrock Council force entry to his flat

A THURROCK Council tenant, caught up in Hurricane Sandy in New York City, is enraged after Thurrock Council forced entry to his flat despite his desperate pleas to wait.

Kevin Taylor of Marine Court, Purfleet had gone on holiday to New York last week.

According to Mr Taylor, he had arranged for the council to enter the flat when he returned on Wednesday October 31st, as an upstairs neighbour had a blockage in their sink.

But Mr Taylor’s plans changed as the superstorm, that has killed over 50 people, left him stranded.

Speaking from his blacked-out hotel room in New York City, Mr Taylor told YT. “I spoke with the council on Friday because they were going to force entry to my property.

I explained to them that I was stranded in New York, as my flight on Monday had been cancelled due to the hurricane. American Airlines had arranged for me to fly home on Tuesday but that flight was cancelled too.

“I explained that my neighbour next door had my back door key if entry was required.

“I’m in a hotel with no power and no hot water.”

However, Thurrock Council have defended their actions stating that they had been trying to gain access to sort the problem for some time.

A Thurrock Council spokesperson said: “The council’s housing office and repairs section have been trying to gain access to the dwelling in Marine Court for approximately four weeks after the tenant above reported being unable to use her kitchen sink due to a blockage and it was confirmed the blockage originated in Mr Taylor’s flat.

“A card was put through the letter box and the tenant was spoken to by another team member advising he must allow access. Repairs also contacted him explaining urgent access was needed.

“None was given. He then went on holiday.

“In the meantime the tenant in the flat above was unable to use the sink in her kitchen.

“The tenant finally agreed access on Wednesday (31 October) when he would have returned from his holiday, but due to delays he was unable to travel home so the decision was made to force entry.”

The tenant’s next-door neighbour contacted us to advise she had a key to the property, but also said the tenant had made it clear the key must not be given to staff to allow access.

Unfortunately, there was no alternative but to force entry.

The neighbour, Dolores Collins has contradicted the council’s assertion re the key.

Dolores said: “I told the council officers there that Kevin was happy for me to pass the key to officers but did not want them unaccompanied in his flat.”


  1. well funny you think that so why would i be the one to contact your thurrock and call new york yesterday?????????????????????? because i am the neighbour who offered the assistance with mr taylors say so……and i enetered his house using they key when they broke in!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. and id also like to ask iof tax payers should be paying for the lock change when a key was right in front of them ??? and if this action was needed why have they not carried out the repair now and are putting the repair off till he returns?????

  3. I have no sympathy with the idiot. If the story is correct, he couldn’t be bothered to let the council come in and do the work for four weeks before he went on holiday. Four weeks whilst his neighbour had a problem that needed sorting. Seems to me that he had plenty of time and loads of chances to allow the workers in but arrogantly refused to do so. It seems dbc1986 is a far better neighbour to Mr Taylor than Mr Taylor is to the person with the blocked sink.

  4. first off i was no aware the council needed accsess to the property until i log a repiar about a week before i went away. until then i had nothing in writing to notify me. also at no point would i refuse entery to the property. 1 or 2 days before i fle out to new york a council contract supervisor knock at my door wanting to look at where an overflow pipe came from the flat above. at this point i offerd him accsess to fix the problem he decline saying he does not know if they need accsess to my flat or not and he will need to contact the council.once out in new york i was contacted by ms collins that the council wanted to force entery into my property. i then contacted the council and explain my flight had been canceled and re booked to arrive on wed and that the flight maybe cancelled due to a hurrican that may hit new york. i told the lasdy at the council that ms collins has the key to my back door and to contact her for accsess. next thing i hear on wed is that they refused entery via the back door and also refused front door entery from a family member who was on route in a taxi. and decided to force entery into my property. after forceing entery into my property they decide that its no so much of an emergancy as i have furniture in the way and decided to not carry out any repair. so you can understand why im a little anoyed. forced entery was never needed 2 keys to enter was on offer


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