Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Tall Dark Friend: Tour of the Glass Factory

THERE ARE no conventional three minute videos with Tall Dark Friend.

Now, that may have many viewers turning off after 29 seconds or indeed prospective record company executives may want him to cut to the chase.

But TDF makes music and images to please himself first.

It is interesting that TDF has found more interest in Sweden and Norway than UK.

It has often been the way. In the eighties, bands such as Talk Talk and artists such as Chris Rea, for a long time, could not break the top 40 but were popular on the continent.

And in another way, Stifford’s Paul Turner has found real success in Holland with The Voice. It seems the Dutch get him.

In our humble opinion, this isn’t a single in a million years but, in old money is track three on side two.

We like it,not immediately as all of his stuff take a little listen.

Personally, if TDF enjoys doing his thing, then let him continue to do his thing. He is wonderfully expressive, artistic and always seems to be busy.

But, if it is to be a career, we do think, somebody needs to take it by the cojones.


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