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“Give Corringham Market a chance” say residents

The Corringham Open Market Debate Part One
Meeting at Corringham Village Hall.
November 5th: 7pm

SOMEWHERE, along the line, this has all got a bit tense.

Four years ago, the passion and politics of local shopkeepers and residents against car parking charges was seen as a force for good.

In 2012, even if they are right, many may want to ask themselves a few questions about how they have conducted themselves.

At the same time,, many of the shopkeepers may say, that there livelihood is at stake.

Then again, wouldn’t you be a little bit chippy if a former chauffeur, with no business record in the successful running of an outdoor market business wants to pitch up next to your shop?

However, at the meeting at the Corringham Village Hall last night, there was a great deal of support for Mr and Mrs Wong and their venture.

Mr Wong explained that there would be a variety of stalls, including fashion accessories and cosmetics, cooking equipment would also be sold.

He said: “The stalls could also have housing advice and police surgeries, Charities such as the Canine Defence League and Epilepsy Action could be onboard.”

Mr Wong was arguing that the stall could be the catalyst to re-ignite the community spirit that was in danger of going out.

He also pledged that if the application was successful they would make a contribution to the christmas lights.

For many of the objectors, their concerns centred on parking capacity, lack of information (“consultation is a sham”) and the actual commercial viability of the whole project.

Some felt that a market is either a “basics market that exists in Pitsea or Grays or an up-market market that periodically arrives in city centres around the country such as Bath, Edinburgh and York. This venture appears that it could fall between two stools.

But perhaps the last comment summed up the debate.

A member of the audience asked: “Is it trade they are concerned about or is it change?”

A meeting organised by the opponents of the Corringham Outdoor Market is (apparently) at 7pm on November 6th at the Corringham Village Hall.

We say “apparently” as we have not received any communication from this group but were directly invited to last nights (Nov 5th).

The proposal for the market will be discussed at the meeting of the Thurrock Council Planning Committee on Thursday November 22nd at 7pm at the Civic Offices.


  1. i think it is just what corringham need, it will bring more business for the shops that are already there, they should give it a 6 months trial, bring it on.


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