Sunday, December 3, 2023

Council grants to local businesses tops a million

THURROCK’S Deputy Mayor handed over a cheque worth a million pounds to south Essex businesses on Friday – well, nearly.

Cllr Tony Fish was at Ensign Bus Company, Purfleet, to hand over a £14,799 cheque to Ensign Bus managing director bringing the total amount of grants handed out by the Low Carbon Business Programme over the past three years to over £1,000,000.

The latest scheme is expected to save Ensign buses over £11,000 a year – more than paying for itself in 18 moths. The company wsanted the grant to cover the cost of a low energy lighting installation project. The total costs were £44,397.02

It is expected the new system will reduce electrical usage by 129,518 KwH a year and save approximately 69 tonnes of CO2 and around £11,650 a year.

Brian Longley, Engineering Director at Ensign said: “We very much appreciate the funding provided by the Low Carbon Business Programme, in conjunction with Thurrock Council, which gave us the opportunity to install fully automated, energy efficient lighting systems in our workshops and storage areas.

“The new systems, which were supplied and expertly installed by local company Shields Energy Services, will provide enhanced levels of lighting while at the same tme proving savings for the company.”

Mr Longley was speaking at the official handover of the project which coincided with the launch of six new low-emission hybrid double-decker buses that Ensignbus is adding to its fleet operating on the company’s network in the Thurrock area.

Mr Longley added: “We are constantly striving to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and the lighting project together with the introduction of the new low emission buses have both significantly assisted in helping us continue to meet our targets in that respect”.

Cllr Fish added: “While, in the overall scale of things, this grant is not huge, it is incredibly important, marking the one millionth pound the Low Carbon Business Programme has handed out. The programme, which covers south Essex, is based at Thurrock Council and much of that money has benefitted Thurrock firms and Thurrock’s environment.

“All we can do to cut carbon emissions and help local businesses save money has to be good. This programme achieves both at the same time – a real win-win.”


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