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Purfleet to celebrate being part of One Thurrock

PURFLEET celebrates its community at a special event to highlight the diversity of cultures which work and live together.

Purfleet Primary School hosts the “One Thurrock” event on Thursday November 29th where community groups will join members of the school community to celebrate the differences of the area and borough as a whole.

Pupils will lead the celebrations in introducing and welcoming guests to the event. Entertainment will also be provided against the theme of “One Thurrock” with dance and poetry performances from the school.

The event follows national Anti-bullying Week (19th November) which is supported by Purfleet Primary School. The Tank Hill Road school created its own “Bullies Not Welcome” book of poetry earlier this year.

Purfleet Primary Head Teacher Debbie Henley said: “We are delighted to be hosting this event and show how as a school we can get along together no matter what our background or beliefs. We are central to the Purfleet community and we are proud of the work we have done especially targeting bullying. By celebrating diversity with children it makes them understand and accept the differences which give any area its own identity.”

As well as entertainment light refreshments will be provided along with mocktails mixed and served by pupils and staff from the school.

Community groups and organisations will provide information and advice to visitors ranging from crime prevention to loan sharks and details of how to report Hate Crime, help for people with learning disabilities and health information. Those attending include Essex Police, Thurrock Council teams from housing, trading standards and community protection, the children’s centre, Essex Fire and Rescue Service, Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions and members of the Purfleet Forum.

The event runs from 3pm to 5pm and anyone is welcome to drop in.


  1. PC speak for loads orf immigrants now live in Purfleet and Thurrock. What’s to celebrate if you’ve watched what used to be your place to live totally changed through a political experiment carried out by the Labour party. Lots of Labour supporters for the future though.


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