Sunday, December 3, 2023

Thurrock hosts the big debate on diversity

THURROCK’S communities portfolio holder, cllr Lynn Worall, opened a major conference at the Thameside Theatre in Grays.

Cllr Worrall opened the first South East Regional Equality Conference, entitled The Big Debate which bought together policy shapers and experts in a number of fields to talk about some of the big equality issues facing communities and organisations.

Thurrock’s portfolio holder for equality and diversity told the conference she had spent 16 years championing equality for young people through her work with the Prince’s Trust.

Cllr Worrall said: “As a community champion I believe the issue of place has a big impact on equality. We have a rich history in the place called Thurrock. Some might even argue Thurrock is the birthplace of what is now a modern multicultural Britain as the arrival of the SS Empire Windrush at Tilbury brought the first wave of immigrants from the West Indies.”

She added: “While the Windrush generation faced many inequalities, the equality challenge continues to this day and includes many stark realities – for example violence against women and girls, the fight for disabled equality and the struggle for the rights of lesbian, gay and bisexual groups.

“Now we have to start talking about social regeneration, not just physical regeneration, then we may have a shot at tackling some of the equality challenges ahead.”

Cllr Worrall went on to highlight the need for eduction, not just in schools, but throughout the community and the issues of an aging population with its own discriminatory problems.

Cllr Worrall concluded by saying: “In hard times and recession equality becomes more, not less, important. If there is a message we must all take away it’s that equality and diversity is more than ever, a critical driver for a cohesive community.”

Others at the event included: Baroness Prosser (Chair Equality of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Wes Streeting (Head of Education, Stonewall), Michael Keating (Previously National Advisor on Equalities and Cohesion LGA), to Maqsood Ahmad Director Human Rights and Equalities NHS, Diana Worman, Diversity Advsior CIPD and Janet Vietch Expert on Violence Against Women and Girls and Human Rights.


  1. Cllr Worrells party have done more damage to diversity in the past couple decades than they have done to help everyone get along. They purposely segregate people, allow immigrant communities to turn whole swathes of this country into a replica of their country of origin and then turn around and shout racist at anyone who doesn’t agree with their mantra.

    The left will always make sure that while there are different communities in Britain there will be division. No class war has been eridicated, in part thanks to Thatcher, race policies/politics are all they have left to batter the British public with.

  2. Bernard87, your post is depressing and I would love to be able to argue with the points you raise. Unfortunately, as depressing as it is, it is also right. In this country, in this modern age, diversity and equality are used as sticks to bash over the heads of indigenous people all over. Newcomers are to be tolerated and their rights and beliefs accepted and woe betide anyone who stands up and says ‘Do you know what, I don’t like this.’ Newcomers expect us to accept everthing about them whilst, at the same time, they accept nothing about the way of life of the area they move into. They expect us to change to suit them when it should be the other way around.
    It wasn’t always like this, the afro caribbean people and the Indians came in and adopted many British traits whilst still retaining the essence of their own cultures. Large numbers of newcomers today have no interest in doing the same.

  3. Bernard87 & gray64 have said exactly what a lot of people are thinking, diversity and multiculturalism only work if everyone is treated the same; however, whilst we continue to see segregated groups like The Black Police Association, TRUST, Black Lawyers Association etc then nothing will ever change and there will always be a “them and us” mentality.

    if people wish to come to this country to better their lives then I have nothing at all against that but we should not have to adopt their way of life and reasoning’s, if you want to live in the western world and what is predominantly a Christian country (no I am not a Christian) then you should respect the culture of that country and not try and force your views and religion upon the people of that country.

    If you don’t like this country and the way we do things then you have the freedom to return to your own country and its culture.

  4. This sounds like a good old socialist/ PC brigade get together to slap each other on the back on a job well done in mounting the biggest witch hunt against the public since the inquisition. They remind me of the film Team America where the group called FAG held meetings full of luvvie left wing actors self congratulating on the destruction of America.

    Equalities and diversity to them is a raft of legislation they introduced to force people to agree with their views on pain of legal action taken against the individual that dare not conform. The dreaded hate crime sounds like something kids would say in the playground to single someone out. They have no idea of what equalities and diversity really is because they have to hide behind legislation to enforce it which is unfair in itself. Multiculturalism only exists in the same context. It’s all theory and threats and no substance at all. Carry on FAG, or should I say Labour, you’re doing a crap job and you’ve been rumbled

  5. Also why has this been called a debate. A debate is something when people with differing views discuss something. This cannot be described as that. A waste of taxpayers money if it was funded by Thurrock council would be more apt. And if proof were needed that these people simply want to brainwash and bully people into accepting their version of fluffy equalities and multiculturalism, you need look no further than the story about kids in Purfleet having to be forced to accept that they’re all one Thurrock now. Who the hell told them that they were allowed to change Thurrock without asking. Fascist bullies of the left.


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