Thursday, May 30, 2024

Bulphan WI: November Report

By Janet McCheyne

So much happening at Bulphan WI: at the November meeting we took part in box-making, Christmas Pudding Truffle-making, Christmas Garland making, gave a short concert to demonstrate the musical skills learned at our recent course of singing lessons, applauded as Iris Aedy was awarded the Competition Cup for this year, and welcomed 2 more new members: Rita Appleby and Michaela Waite.

Pam gave a very comprehensive report on the county meeting at the Civic Hall, Blackshots, Rose volunteered to do a reading at the Thames Group Carol Service at Orsett Church in December, and Pat asked us for all our old bras, as apparently they are worth money to charities!

Most of our members are off to the Shepherd and Dog next month for a lovely Christmas meal, so our next meeting in Bulphan Village Hall is on Wednesday, January 9th, 7.30 until 10pm, and Victoria Windus will be telling us all about Thurrock Foodbank. Members and visitors are invited to bring donations for the foodbank (list of suitable contributions available).

We already have an exciting programme of speakers and activities booked for next year: come along In January for a visit and find out more.



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