Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Nicki’s Blog: Heaven’s Scent is in……..Fobbing

Heaven Scent Boutique launch

By Nicki Moseley

“On tuesday night I attended my good friend’s sister’s Boutique Collection launch which is to be sold in her already popular florists in Corringham.

It was a really nice evening and lots of people turned up to have a look at what the range consisted of whilst enjoying the wine, tea and cake on offer. There was so much out on display to admire and yet there was still a lot of the range that wasn’t out on display due to lack of room (Which is why it is always worth popping into the shop for a little look) I went along with the sole intention of looking for Christmas present inspiration (yes, the dreaded C word!) but did I get anything for anyone? Well, only myself! There was just so many nice things it was too hard to resist! The prices are very reasonable too so my thoughts were that it was silly NOT to buy a few little things for our new home.

The items are shabby chic / vintage inspired and range from wall hangings to picture frames, trinkets to candle holders and much much more! There was so much there. I was lusting after so many different items whilst trying desperately to work out where it could all go in our house!
In the end, I was sensible and just bought a few little things to start off; a wall hanging, two tea light candle holders and a decorative iron heart which is now hanging from my bedroom wardrobe door.

For those of you who live near the Corringham area, Heaven Scent is based on Fobbing Road near the fire station. I haven’t had the need to buy floral arrangements that often but when I first did, I opted to go there because of it being my friend’s sisters business but have used it since because I was so impressed with the beautiful bouquets and arrangements they create and supply. I have been back a couple of times now for various reasons and have always been happy with what I have come away with. Now that they are stocking a beautiful array of gifts and ornaments I will be in there more often now! Especially with Christmas around the corner.

For more information on Heaven Scent please visit: www.heavenscentcorringham.com


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